How to equip a fully kitted weapon in apex legends to earn the fully kitted trophy / Achievement

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AsashinDaka . 4 months ago

Easier said than done 😒

Friendly User :D

Friendly User :D . 5 months ago

The fully kitted weapon i got is........... P2020

Prince Micheal

Prince Micheal . 6 months ago

And Tom Clancy’s rainbow six seige

Prince Micheal

Prince Micheal . 6 months ago

I love apex

Marek Vallée

Marek Vallée . 8 months ago

Why is this so hard???


SYFN Gcs . 9 months ago

Thanks it really helped

A.C mikelangelo

A.C mikelangelo . 9 months ago

Thank you so much

Martín Lionel

Martín Lionel . 9 months ago

Entendi masomenos lo que decías , pero con el video en si lo entendí todo, muchas gracias

5,000 subs without a video challenge

5,000 subs without a video challenge . 9 months ago

I got a fully kitted weapon 2 times but didnt know it has A badge ill check if i really got it or not


Welowee . 9 months ago

Thanks a lot dude. Now, wish me luck


TheGeneral . 9 months ago

If you have 2 equipped, you unlock a badge

Tu Vieja

Tu Vieja . 10 months ago

how can i complete the trophy ofwearing a body shield and a helmet at the same ime


Ju1cy . 10 months ago

I got the golden Wing man today Very sexy😉😉

Fabrizio Polimeno

Fabrizio Polimeno . 10 months ago

Thanks bro


visas . 10 months ago

just luck?


sxewhil . 10 months ago

Xbox Gamertag: Wiltank anyone want to help me with achievements for this game? It's super fun but I'm terrible at it xD

kay C

kay C . 10 months ago

Wish I would of watched this 3 days ago . left the gold weapon behind 😭


MrTECHPRO2 . 10 months ago

200 games give or take and have never found fully kitted weapon in the circle at all ever not once so def not true a friend has gotten it outside the circle from standard loot drops and standard crates to open and off others. Never in the blue circle tho

Cristian Ghiorzi

Cristian Ghiorzi . 10 months ago

I did it like 20 times and still no Badge - wtf?!

Nathan Balog

Nathan Balog . 10 months ago

who else has done this 20 times and haven’t gotten shit


DENIS . 10 months ago


Turner Mountjoy

Turner Mountjoy . 10 months ago

Anyone have a strategy to get gold helmet and body armour trophy? Any ideas other than just getting lucky?

Vinícius Lorentz

Vinícius Lorentz . 10 months ago

I've see a gold pistol im a body but i didn't take, shit

Co xo9C

Co xo9C . 10 months ago



SpartainPirate . 10 months ago

Does any one know where it is for Xbox one


BoyBlue . 10 months ago

Wait it said two tho

i am dem apples

i am dem apples . 10 months ago

Thanks bro. I honestly thought it meant just to fully kit your own weapon. Anyway, thank you for that quick tip.

Danette Haramis

Danette Haramis . 10 months ago

Hey i'm playing now, i get guns and when i want to shoot nothing happens, what might be the reason for this, please help me ty

Dvir Sinay

Dvir Sinay . 10 months ago

Xbox someone? :)

Co xo9C

Co xo9C . 10 months ago

Another trash game


MRcoleEXTREME . 10 months ago

Oh man you helped me a lot for this


kagomesind . 10 months ago

I’m looking for someone to carry me in Apex Legends plz, I’m on ps4


hackett998 . 10 months ago

More achivement guide plz

Camilo Quintero

Camilo Quintero . 10 months ago

I dont know why when i start the game it says a error like something went wrong try it later (104) and i can't launch the game Anyone knows how i can't Solve this?

Anas Rj

Anas Rj . 10 months ago

Dude what is your Instagram..?


Savory . 10 months ago

Hey great video

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