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5 crazy anecdotes about AC Milan’s legendary team | Oh My Goal

Soccer Stories - Oh My Goal

Soccer Stories - Oh My Goal

Published on 4 months ago


Who can forget the legendary AC Milan of Carlo Ancelotti? Pirlo, Seedorf, Gatusso, Kaká, one of the greatest teams in football was bound to have some of the greatest anecdotes ever in the game! Find out 5 incredible stories about Ancelotti’s AC Milan


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Comments :

Simon Pierre

Simon Pierre . 1 month ago

I hope ac Millan Will be back in champions League

Mohamed Afzal

Mohamed Afzal . 3 months ago

Incredible team...

Figra Ardham

Figra Ardham . 3 months ago

I am a Liverpool fan and I miss Milan so much at Champions League. It feels so strange to see the Champions League without Milan. At some points, hearing news that Milan currently learns from Liverpool to reclaim their glory makes proud and happy. I really wish AC Milan's full speed recovery and returns to conquer Italy and Europe. YNWA! Forza Milan!

Sbonelo Xaba

Sbonelo Xaba . 4 months ago

This channel loves to burn CR7 that this has become annoying even i as a Messi fan 👀

todor todorov

todor todorov . 4 months ago

love to see Milan at the top again :( But most of all Roma !


xAndrej . 4 months ago

I really hope Milan get back to theyre best,they were an amazing team with a magical history

Leonegaming 03

Leonegaming 03 . 4 months ago

milans biggest reason to their downfal is that they failed to replace their stars like kaka and maldini.

Ishraq Hossain

Ishraq Hossain . 4 months ago

Missing golden Days..😭😭😭

wayne conway

wayne conway . 4 months ago

For decades Milan were the most glamorous club in the world. So many all time greats would go there even if it was at the tail end of their careers. Their team was always packed with legends of the game in almost every position. It's really sad seeing them today.

Phyo Kyi Latt

Phyo Kyi Latt . 4 months ago

Just imagine Gerrard, Pirlo and Kaka in the midfield

atr nsr

atr nsr . 4 months ago

There is only one Ronaldo and that's cr7 ,cr7 is wayyy better than the 🇧🇷 Ronaldo

Seawash Sardar

Seawash Sardar . 4 months ago

Make a video on the best football teams in history.

Sandith Perera

Sandith Perera . 4 months ago

Gattuso's sister died a month ago 😓

Nasraoui Ahmed

Nasraoui Ahmed . 4 months ago

The saddest moments for me : 1-The fall of AC milan 2- When i heard that maldini is a coronavirus victim , but thank godness he's fine now

Edenkema Someah-Addae

Edenkema Someah-Addae . 4 months ago

What if Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar formed a trio like MNR OR MRN


DORA J BENITEZ . 4 months ago

City fan 🏆💙but I wish seria a sees Milan crush again and ressurect again I miss Milan they were champs to fear


Epapàperò . 4 months ago

And then why don't talk about Sacchi's milan? I think it's considered one of the best team ever!

monster money

monster money . 4 months ago


Ebet Khalil

Ebet Khalil . 4 months ago

Pls make a video about Inter Milan 2010

Nidhir Bardhan

Nidhir Bardhan . 4 months ago

Milan WILL DO Grey's Anatomy

Stefano Valle

Stefano Valle . 4 months ago

Great video... but you should have avoided mentioning Guttuso's sister joke since she's passed away a few days ago

Random Videos

Random Videos . 4 months ago


Amit Poudel

Amit Poudel . 4 months ago

Forca Rossoneri Milan fan since 2006 ❤️

Nana Ben

Nana Ben . 4 months ago

Gone re day's

Awesome Ronaldo

Awesome Ronaldo . 4 months ago

How likes it 😍😍😍

Awesome Ronaldo

Awesome Ronaldo . 4 months ago



토토황제 . 4 months ago

youtube.com/results?search_query=토토황제 best picks

UN Tifoso Romanista 63 Torlonia

UN Tifoso Romanista 63 Torlonia . 4 months ago

Milan today is An insult to these legends

Ezedin Hubeyb

Ezedin Hubeyb . 4 months ago

Who thinks pirlo is bad

Nihar Mehendale

Nihar Mehendale . 4 months ago

Still Hurts To Watch AC Milan has become now

Water Shuriken

Water Shuriken . 4 months ago

Where is that AC milan?? I'm not their fan but I loved that team so much🙏🏻🙏🏻

Disketo Love PiZzA

Disketo Love PiZzA . 4 months ago



FOLA AMU . 4 months ago


Utkarsh Tiwari

Utkarsh Tiwari . 4 months ago

Fipo inzaghi

Aryan Jangra

Aryan Jangra . 4 months ago

"The reason why FC Barcelona will play amazing football AGAIN | Oh My Goal" Remember this? Oh My Goal uploaded this video when Quique Setien was appointed Barca manager!! Now how about a review video like "reacting to my older videos"? huh? Fu*k Setien... someone plz end this season right here and bring on the transfer window!!!!!!!!!!!!!plzz!!!!!Xavi might be waiting!

Alejandro Galvan

Alejandro Galvan . 4 months ago


Arif Qureshi

Arif Qureshi . 4 months ago

I wish same should not happen for barcelona when messi retires

Nancy Saju

Nancy Saju . 4 months ago

AC Milan Forever ❤🖤

Dash_ Heat

Dash_ Heat . 4 months ago

1990 ac Milan team was better


FALANBUMA Victor . 4 months ago

Milan's Greatest Ever XI Dida 94 GK Maldini 96 LB Nesta 94 CB Baresi 95 CB Cafu 95 RB Pirlo 95 LM Kaka 95 CAM Gullit 95 RM Shevchenko 95 LF Van Basten 97 CF Weah 94 RF Like it?

The Working Brothers

The Working Brothers . 4 months ago

U should make a video atlético Madrid curse against Cristiano Ronaldo

Jens Wagenaar

Jens Wagenaar . 4 months ago

Ajax next ?

Utsav Dewan

Utsav Dewan . 4 months ago

Yeah such an incredible team!

The Truth

The Truth . 4 months ago



S.H TV . 4 months ago

Kaka is the baaby shit in albanian 😅😂😂

Eanrest Ng

Eanrest Ng . 4 months ago

What happened to Jesse Rodriguez

Capt. CoCo

Capt. CoCo . 4 months ago

Lingard is the goat can revive


S K . 4 months ago

Fun fact:you can’t be first 20 minutes late

Luniko Netnou

Luniko Netnou . 4 months ago

Video suggestions what the hell happend to Brahim Diaz

AL BayBay

AL BayBay . 4 months ago

We beat Roma today this is just the start❤️🖤

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