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Apex Legends BEST Guns! (Weapon Guide!)

Unit Lost - Great British Gaming

Unit Lost - Great British Gaming

Published on 10 months ago

These are the BEST and WORST weapons in Apex Legends right now. In this weapon guide video I'll show you my favorite load-outs, and how I prioritize certain weapons. I'll also show you the absolute best and worst weapons. What weapons to avoid and what weapons to rush for!

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Comments :

bangkhlim daulagupu

bangkhlim daulagupu . 5 months ago

Where is havoc

- Empty

- Empty . 5 months ago

This is really outdated now

Aveeno 2099

Aveeno 2099 . 6 months ago

Nice vid

Kinhthi Sanborn

Kinhthi Sanborn . 7 months ago

Is this guy on speed?


ShinKickerX . 8 months ago

Bullshit vid


iggobas . 8 months ago

Thanks that really helped me now I got win

Pockets Breedlove

Pockets Breedlove . 8 months ago

came for the strats, subscribed for the tangible passion.

Spirit of Yusuke 008

Spirit of Yusuke 008 . 9 months ago

I am starting to understand the game a little more. Got a few kills with a few characters but I want to get atleast 100 for my mains (Bangalore, lifeline, gilbrator). This was a great overview. Keep up the good work.

Austin&Vicky Moore

Austin&Vicky Moore . 9 months ago

My favorite load out is the R301 rifle with the upgraded sight and the full auto pistol also with upgraded sights/ untill i find a peacekeeper then i dont care just as long as i have a peacekeeper..... I landed and got on the other day and i was so suprised and so were the legends that I killed to put me as kill leader with 7 kills!!! (I've only had the game a few days) so yea 7 kills was a show stopper for me coming from Rainbow Six Siege where 7 in one round isnt even a thing lol

Tom D

Tom D . 9 months ago

Stocks doesn't affect recoil. Mags don't affect reload speed...

Unoriginal Comment

Unoriginal Comment . 9 months ago

I stopped watching after he said β€œwing mun”

Matt T

Matt T . 9 months ago

Mozambizzy is best gun

Jakob Jensen

Jakob Jensen . 9 months ago

The stocks don't reduce recoil. It reduces to swap time between the main weap and the secondary with 15% lvl1 25% lvl2 and 35% with lvl 3

Zot tel

Zot tel . 9 months ago

Hey, i'm new in Apex and I wonder what about the Havoc? Seems a pretty neat weapon.


stoffies . 9 months ago

Really good, thanks!

Anna F

Anna F . 9 months ago

What about havoc?


LightWaves . 9 months ago

Wingman Peacekeeper gg ez Embrace the meta

Bud The Chud

Bud The Chud . 9 months ago

Great vid, very useful, respect to you sirπŸ‘


GOLDEN K9 . 9 months ago

I hate that guns are shit in this and not about acc at al. Thats why wingman is best

Milorad Kosovic

Milorad Kosovic . 9 months ago


fadi awad

fadi awad . 9 months ago

did he just shoot a whole clip at his team mate ???


Jamie . 9 months ago

Lol on how many times you said mozambek is garbage lol

Ezekiel Midhun

Ezekiel Midhun . 9 months ago

9:53 ?????

Blazer Ashbringer

Blazer Ashbringer . 9 months ago

If mozambiquee is not #1 best weapon, i know this video is a sham

Mike Nolan

Mike Nolan . 9 months ago

Mozambique gives ur enemy health every time u hit them

Max McLean

Max McLean . 10 months ago

Honestly, my aim is crap. My fav loadout so far is r-301 and peacekeeper. What ar would you suggest for a slightly more spray and pray style? Edit: i disagree on the devotion. I hate using that so much lol

Power King879

Power King879 . 10 months ago

Mozambique More like Ma zombie que

Oli R.

Oli R. . 10 months ago

Well, my best Game so far was 5 kills with Mosambik only (Endgame) and I also win the round ^^ seriously I dont know what happend there XD


Fluffly . 10 months ago

i got a team wipe with a mozambique it was the funniest thing

Geometry Dash Arcticat

Geometry Dash Arcticat . 10 months ago

The Mozambique can suck my Mozam-dique.

I'llbebackforbreakfast ok

I'llbebackforbreakfast ok . 10 months ago

On Xbox, you can usually beat a Mozambique with fists


TempleRxse . 10 months ago

i acually got the winning kill with the mozam just for funzies

B Jay

B Jay . 10 months ago

i realy cant decide: Modded Prowler or Peaceceeper.....

Ilya Arbabi

Ilya Arbabi . 10 months ago

yiiis more apex less overwatch :D

Fabian Jimenez

Fabian Jimenez . 10 months ago

Dude r99 with extended mag purple melts it πŸ’© on people


Aezyum . 10 months ago

Wich is better? The r 301, the r 99 or the peacekeeper?


Azurealms99 . 10 months ago

Lol carbine is literally top tier especially decked out. Use it more

Onigiri Otaku

Onigiri Otaku . 10 months ago

I live how mouses don’t have recoil and all the pc players go oh this guns really good well yea your mouse dosent have recoil fuck offπŸ˜‚

Aaron Fox

Aaron Fox . 10 months ago

I sometimes push the turbocharger (hop-up for the devotion) aside. I've had a couple of times that if I had a higher rate of fire I would have either missed the shots or wasted ammo. The wind up helps in a mid-to-close fight, because it allows you to track enemies without wasting the ammo. I may just have an issue with my aim, but sometimes the turbocharger isn't needed :P


JrocKnorth . 10 months ago

R-301. Love it! Just got offline and ended on a win, always feels good! lol

Levi Hackerman

Levi Hackerman . 10 months ago

If i have a mozambique and other guy has no weapons at all, i throw that shit on nearest trash bin and use my fists.

10 Subscribers Sub 4 Sub

10 Subscribers Sub 4 Sub . 10 months ago

When I started my favourite weAPON was the altenater


Solarsofar . 10 months ago

The peacekeeper is a sniper

B lang

B lang . 10 months ago

u don't need a shotgun I win my games with at least 5 kills using a wingman and a spitfire or r 301


Aquazier . 10 months ago

My favorite layouts are the Wingman and Peacekeeper, the R-301 and Peacekeeper, and the Triple Take and Wingman

QQ Meister

QQ Meister . 10 months ago

I had a double kill with the Mozambique and I thought it was pretty good. You just gotte hit all the shots XD

Matthew Zigrang

Matthew Zigrang . 10 months ago

I personally love the RE 45. One of my favorites. But, the R-301 is the best


AD I . 10 months ago

I actually use g7 scout for long and close range and if you have good aim you can shred people in close range with g7 scout and my main loadout is g7 scout and wingman comment your own loadout

Joseph Hammer

Joseph Hammer . 10 months ago

My fav loadout is peacekeeper and prowler with its weapon mod

Marco Vela

Marco Vela . 10 months ago

Apex Legends absolutely beast. HUGE. Fortnite killer the best. Mozambique absolute worst

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