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The Most Important Man in the History of Italian Football

Tifo Football

Tifo Football

Published on 2 years ago


The most important man in the history of Italian football.
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A brief history of William Garbutt, the original Mister, described by Vittorio Pozzo as the most important man in the history of Italian football’.

Credited with bringing training, tactics and transfers to the country, he would help Italy achieve world domination long before England, the inventors of the sport.

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Comments :

Xelax 04

Xelax 04 . 4 months ago

He taught italy how to beat england at its own game and didnt live long enough to see england Win the world cup

james bond

james bond . 5 months ago

Please make video about louis rocca

Killer CD

Killer CD . 5 months ago

England was considered unbeatable at this time though and they did not join world cups until 1950. They were consistently winning Olympic titles when these were still considered important. It wasn't that Italy was any better than England in the 1930s...

Anthony Mcken

Anthony Mcken . 7 months ago

What a story, thus man lived a full life.


TexansToast . 2 years ago

What song plays in the beginning?

MortaL TV

MortaL TV . 2 years ago

Oh My Goal is shit

Golden Ben

Golden Ben . 2 years ago

The quality of your graphics is astounding

Maciej Pawluch

Maciej Pawluch . 2 years ago

just found your channel, brilliant.

Spencer Percival

Spencer Percival . 2 years ago

Very proud Garbutt right now, I didn't know about this old sport. Most of the Garbutt's come from and live in Yorkshire but my lot are from Manchester... I wonder if he is a distant relative.

Jesse Comitogianni

Jesse Comitogianni . 2 years ago

Saw the video, got the book. As a Serie A follower, I simply had to get my hands on this book. Amazing video!

memed bengul

memed bengul . 2 years ago

Wow. Imagine Pep being detained in a concentration camp. How the world has changed.

Avery Thompson

Avery Thompson . 2 years ago

damn this story is tragic😔


gnorn . 2 years ago

I'm going to be annoying and point out that you show Pozzo with two copies of the current FIFA World Cup trophy first awarded in 1974. The cup Pozzo won twice was the old Jules Rimet trophy; it looked very different.

Martin Pentland

Martin Pentland . 2 years ago

Would you be able to do a video on Fred Pentland

Nicholas Perry

Nicholas Perry . 2 years ago

Curious will you do videos for other sports

Gary Mathe

Gary Mathe . 2 years ago

Another great video of a mostly forgotten football hero. May I suggest to use maps of the era the video is about?

Main's Main

Main's Main . 2 years ago

Mister is also used for managers here in Portugal

Uzair Khan

Uzair Khan . 2 years ago

Amazing content. Please do recommend even more books related to football in your videos


A96oaye . 2 years ago

I somehow missed this video. I didn't see it in my notifications previously.

Marcelo Rico

Marcelo Rico . 2 years ago

How come its unlisted

Trevor Ward

Trevor Ward . 2 years ago

Please bring back the football manager tactical test

The Goat

The Goat . 2 years ago

Beautiful ⚽️


Ulquitous . 2 years ago

The title of best football related channel on YouTube belongs to Tifo Football. Sorry 442oons, sorry Onefootball.


Manuel . 2 years ago

In Italy we literally call the manager "mister" even if it is a woman

Manuel Sacha

Manuel Sacha . 2 years ago

"Far behind England in *IT'S* development." Ugh.


Abyss . 2 years ago

Brilliant. Would never have known about him if not for this vid.

Enzo Lorenzo FIFA Gaming

Enzo Lorenzo FIFA Gaming . 2 years ago

Awesome stuff! As a Roma and Azzurri fan I loved this historical bit! Great work!


MrMowky . 2 years ago

It's perfect! (Except at the end when you said it's instead of its.) But what a lovely tribute to Garbutt.

Paul Reppucci

Paul Reppucci . 2 years ago

No way would I ever see these videos or know these stories if it wasn't for you guys! Amazing work!!!

Debaroop Paul Choudhury

Debaroop Paul Choudhury . 2 years ago

fantastic as always Tifo Football... you guys never cease to amaze me....


okeeto . 2 years ago

You should do one on what’s going wrong for bale in Madrid

chris singh

chris singh . 2 years ago

Great content guys!.. Now i know why they call italian managers "Mister"

Arjun R

Arjun R . 2 years ago

Glad I clicked the bell button for tifo. great content as always. .


BigBlack81 . 2 years ago

This is the kind of content that I can show to my mother, a totally non-sport person, and she can get into it because of the production, the facts, the voices, AND the quality of the presentation. Tifo, you're making new fans in places you'll never know, and videos like this are why. Magnifico.

Sigurd 10

Sigurd 10 . 2 years ago

I don't know what is the problem with people The moment they see some intellect in some video they don't appreciate it. I mean how come channels like Tifo have 397k subs but channels which post videos like//Ten times xyz prove that they were worth uvw Millions//have more 1.5 million subs.

Timothy Ngatia

Timothy Ngatia . 2 years ago

Video on Helenio Herrera plz

Panos Gix

Panos Gix . 2 years ago

Italy didnt won two WC becuz of the "Mister" but rather on account of making Uruguay and Argentinian players play for Italy, corrupting referees and paying off Leonidas, the Brazilian goal scoring machine, in order to stay out of the semi final against Italy in 1938.

Timothy Ngatia

Timothy Ngatia . 2 years ago

Saving to downloads … so I can watch it forever and ever. Thank you TIFO!

Edo cola

Edo cola . 2 years ago

Just amazing.

Saitama Caped Baldy

Saitama Caped Baldy . 2 years ago

i thought helenio herera give much more impact,, i mean, cattenacio.....

williams chukwuebuka

williams chukwuebuka . 2 years ago


Mohamed Kamal

Mohamed Kamal . 2 years ago

I wouldn't have heard of these fascinating stories of football history and folklore had it not been for this wonderful channel...!!!

Dubsta 6x6

Dubsta 6x6 . 2 years ago

Great video, now I know why they call the managers 'mister'.


AKASH ROUT . 2 years ago

Do one on Guardiola's city


Nath . 2 years ago

Do a video on the beginning of football in England

Wesley Teh

Wesley Teh . 2 years ago

I'm in AWE the amount of research in each video

Shark Team

Shark Team . 2 years ago

Genoa makes me curious about crests. They have English flag like thing on top of them. Can we get a series on what is the meaning & history of badges of various clubs?

Shark Team

Shark Team . 2 years ago

Cruijff & Garbutt… both helped the countries they managed in to win world cups at the expense of the aspirations of their own countries 🤔😅


Alfred . 2 years ago

Its poetry what tifo makes 😥


E_M_E_T . 2 years ago

4:35 "its" not "it's"

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