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Calciopoli Scandal Explained

Tifo Football

Tifo Football

Published on 3 years ago


The mere mention ‘Calciopoli’ stirs a variety of emotions in Italian football fans. Commonly referred to as a ‘match-fixing scandal’, it implicated a number of high profile teams including: Juventus, A.C. Milan, Fiorentina, and Lazio among others.
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Comments :

Kristan Heneage

Kristan Heneage . 3 years ago

To those unhappy with the video, I'll repost a previous response for clarity. I appreciate the passion of your response, and you clearly adore Juventus in a very special way. Covering a topic like this, with such sensitivity, is never easy. It promotes a variety of differing opinions, as I believe the comments proves. My remit was very clear and defined, and I made sure to run it by a prominent Juve fan I respected to be sure of them. Unfortunately, when it comes to including all of your other suggestions it just becomes impossible. I had a very specific brief and I adhered to that brief. I think even you can see a lot of your suggestions pertain to opinion, or speculation, which in a video like this would be unfair, both to Juve fans and non-Juve fans eager to learn more about the situation. I can accept some poor wording may have mislead you here, and for that I apologise. I'm always trying to get better. However, I also firmly believe this video will have sparked curiosity in a lot of people and likely sent them on a journey to read about some of the theories you outlined here. In that regard, I feel this was a success, and although you may dislike me right now, I hope at least you can respect the answer I'm giving you. Thanks Kris

Joshua Daniel

Joshua Daniel . 2 days ago

*cough*"Real Madrid"*cough*"Florentino Perez"*cough*" La Liga" *cough cough* " VAR"!!! Hope an investigation is done about these peeps soon

BigCheech 4509

BigCheech 4509 . 2 weeks ago

Every Sport has this. You don’t think others games and teams are fixed in every country. It’s all about $$$$$$$$$$!

YANDEV Chalice

YANDEV Chalice . 1 month ago

Calciopoli is real. I love how Rubentus fans keep denying it. 9 UCL final matches and 7 losses, clearly showed you what kind of club Rubentus is. R U B E N T U S M E R D A

Pat Mar

Pat Mar . 1 month ago

they shamelessly do this is in the NBA

Burimari Chipa_goli

Burimari Chipa_goli . 1 month ago

Still waiting for fixing conversations between Barcelona management and Tom Henning Øvrebø to come out. Together they staged the biggest robbery in the history of club football.

Wade McReynolds

Wade McReynolds . 2 months ago

it's pronounced cal-CHO-po-li. Derived from the name of another Italian scandal, "Tangentopoli"


bambinu . 2 months ago

Worst video ever created. You lack so much detail. A pail would have done a better job.

spokon v2

spokon v2 . 2 months ago

juventus (2004-2005) had one of the strongest team in the history of football. buffon, thuram, cannavaro, chiellini, zambrotta, nedved, del piero, camoranesi, vieira, trezeguet and ibrahimovic. 8 of them were involved in the world cup final in 2006

Bon Genio

Bon Genio . 2 months ago

After calciopoli scandal neither Italian national team didn't win any major tournaments like Euro and World Cup nor Italian clubs won any UCL after 2010. Many accusing Juventus team and fans because of an Individual's mistake. As if fans and team players arranged referees in favor of Juve as what they speak. Italian football is dead. It must bring quality again. I want AC, Inter and Juventus to dominate UCL again.

Nic Smith

Nic Smith . 2 months ago

3:17 Narrator straight up says "Exodius of players" like its Yugioh.

TxRicksta - Rickardo Bell

TxRicksta - Rickardo Bell . 2 months ago

Playing two games behind closed doors don't sound so bad in 2020


OCTANE . 3 months ago

This is why I question the brain cells on a Juventus fan, supporting the most scandalous club in the world, a club which still uses referees to date, a club which kills the italian football and gets smacked in Europe year in year out. Dear Juventus fans, your club is a scandal and a shithole!


smokepepsi . 3 months ago


Oran Cochrane

Oran Cochrane . 3 months ago

I can understand players leaving because you wouldn’t want to play for a team that cheats

Timmy Camilleri.

Timmy Camilleri. . 3 months ago



09 . 3 months ago



darwinism18 . 3 months ago

A real CALCIOPOLI should had OBLITERATED the word Juventus from the football world.

josef camilleri

josef camilleri . 4 months ago

ac milan for a phone call for a loss 3-2 what match fixing ?????


Fabis . 5 months ago

Inters bullshit is at its peak. People said that we took steroids in the 90s. When messi took steroids to play

Nick Romero

Nick Romero . 5 months ago

Funny how playing games behind closed doors went from a punishment here to a necessity in today’s game.

Frank Mark

Frank Mark . 5 months ago

All the salty butthurt fans of other shitty clubs crying beacause Juve has reacords of the most club that ever banged them since the 19th century hhhhhhhhhhhh

diego rivera vargas

diego rivera vargas . 5 months ago

Aca en Chile paso algo similar en la Copa America 2015 fuimos campeones de la Copa America (Julio) y a fines de ese año (Diciembre) renuncio sergio Jadue Presidente de la ANFP por temas de corrupcion.


RLM . 5 months ago

This is why no one cares when Juve win anything. Will always be tainted.


Diego . 5 months ago

Imagine having trezegue, zlatan, viera, cannavaro, buffon, thuram, nedved and del piero in your team and STILL HAVE THE NEED TO CHEAL loool, if they cheated back then they surely can (are) cheating right now, losers and joke of a club ruBentus

Killer CD

Killer CD . 5 months ago

There must be an Italian cultural element in this. I have an Italian teammate who deliberately handballed it in a Futsal final in the last minute to run down the clock. It was effective - we won, but it was win at all costs.


R A . 6 months ago

He said "kaal-see-oh"... I'm scared.

Bianconero Catracho

Bianconero Catracho . 6 months ago

I would say "incomplete" is a more proper adjective for this video, rather than "brief".

Andrea Podestà

Andrea Podestà . 6 months ago


Christian Rivera

Christian Rivera . 6 months ago

Thanks for the video.... Viva la juve

Taziah Slentiller

Taziah Slentiller . 6 months ago

Juve Or Rube, Ladri D'Italia! Juve Merda!

Aleksandar Tadić

Aleksandar Tadić . 7 months ago

,, Poor'' Inter, they are not guilty of anything. Inter is biggest shit of football club. Forza Juve ⚫⚪⚫⚪⚫⚪

Los Blancos

Los Blancos . 7 months ago

Same should happen to Mancity, Give the title to LFC Laporte,Silva to Barca KDB,Sterling to Real Madrid Sane to Bayern Relegate them 2

Totò v

Totò v . 8 months ago

Every sports have scandals and fixed games this is not new its not just calcio. Especcialy american foot ball involved in steroids dopinng plus fixed games, ufc also hockey even golf for fixed games 😅 boxing to.

Shane O'Brien

Shane O'Brien . 8 months ago

Juve are the only club still at the match fixing to be fair. So at least shedding light on the scandal was partially successful. They always seem to get a win in the League, even if its at the 97th minute, but in Europe, where they cant easily buy off match officials, they have won nothing in the past 20 years. Or is that 24? Cant remember.


》《 . 8 months ago

And it is still going ..

Ashley Burns

Ashley Burns . 8 months ago

Is this when attendances began dropping in Italy? So many games have half empty stadiums.


Tarum . 8 months ago

Well played Inter, well played👏

David Purba

David Purba . 8 months ago

And seria a never recover used to be the favourite league before premiere league rises and catch all the atention (IMOE)


clebo99 . 8 months ago

This must me how the Astro’s learned how to win.


hooyoan81 . 8 months ago

Thanks Juventus ones again you found away to fuck over the whole league. We could’ve become what the EPL is now!! 😡


Davide . 8 months ago

Inter was in it too, but they git the title for two championships from the LEGA. That is corruption!

yogi andariwan

yogi andariwan . 8 months ago

and nowadays if you follow Serie A, refs still make a terrible decision and biased to Juventus although Moggi is no longer as their board. those things make me tired of supporting one of Serie A club. and if I'm not a tifoso, I'm not gonna watch that corrupt league.


Mitikinho . 8 months ago

Reggina not reggiana

matheus damas

matheus damas . 8 months ago

Juventus and all involved should have been banned for life from all european competitions


Earlstriker . 8 months ago

Thanks I really enjoyed the video 👍🏿

Tecio N

Tecio N . 9 months ago

Similar penalties should had happen to man United and Barca for that game vs Chelsea.

Paolo bindini

Paolo bindini . 10 months ago

1981 A big scandal in Italian football ( bets and agreements on the games results) 1982 Italy world champion. 2006 calciopoli and corruption in serie A......... Italy again world champion So let's hope for a new scandal in 2022.! Seriously: are we sure that premier league, la liga or Bundesliga are absolutely clean and innocent? In any case England will never win a major tournament, too many foreigners ( managers and players) in their league!!!!!

Alessio Bianco

Alessio Bianco . 10 months ago

This is one of the reasons Juventus is so hated in Italy

Devito 1993

Devito 1993 . 10 months ago

Lol Ac Milan were lucky they didn't get relegated and thrown out from the champions league in the summer of 2006 because they went on to win the champions league the very next season.

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