Published on 12 months ago

Apex Legends is a new Battle Royale game, within this video I share details on where you can spawn in to get the best elite loot the game offers!

Best Spawn Location - https://majapahit.net/watch/dODPWSX76Q0

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Comments :


Titan . 3 months ago

hok zone*


HybrydATP64 . 4 months ago

The fact that octane and wattson were teased in this trailer before season one happened

xd_Aiden .-.

xd_Aiden .-. . 5 months ago

Why did he not pickup the stock he had three chances

Not Shamhan

Not Shamhan . 6 months ago


Michael Baird

Michael Baird . 6 months ago

can you give a link to the video you added, the one explaining for noobies please. i'd like to share with friends. thank you

The Legend

The Legend . 6 months ago

Dude....WTF IS THIS?you definitely deserve a fat dislike

Monster Gamer

Monster Gamer . 6 months ago

U suck at apex legends

splash potion of beanos

splash potion of beanos . 6 months ago

Is there a golden version of every weapon?

Joe Ritchie

Joe Ritchie . 6 months ago

He is stupid 😂

Noah Puryear

Noah Puryear . 8 months ago

When are we gonna get new content?!

Your Mom

Your Mom . 8 months ago


Muhammad Thaqif Syahiran Bin Jamzuri

Muhammad Thaqif Syahiran Bin Jamzuri . 8 months ago

the spot in this video say is 1. supply ship 2. hotzone

Nabil Brown's

Nabil Brown's . 8 months ago

Warning : don't waste your time by watching the video

Wes Lee

Wes Lee . 9 months ago

Stfu lol

Smokey Da Bear

Smokey Da Bear . 9 months ago

1.3k people hate u

Big Disappointment

Big Disappointment . 9 months ago

This game is bwand new and completely fwee

Micheline Houle

Micheline Houle . 9 months ago

you suck so bad and you should feel bad

Ubercharge Mex

Ubercharge Mex . 9 months ago

La decepción la traicion hermano The disappointment the betrayal brother


__________________________________ . 9 months ago

Literraly everything this dumbass says in one fuccen word


Ivyrion . 10 months ago

legendary gear 1. DROP SHIPS 2. BLUE ZONES 3. PEOPLE 4. Drop ships that spawn later in the game

Tyler Dimoulakis

Tyler Dimoulakis . 10 months ago

That Hulk smash that wraith does 😂


kavkblnx . 10 months ago

Thank u for dislikes now i know its waste of time

Spooder Man

Spooder Man . 10 months ago

Been here since d1 my dude I don’t get why you now do these 11 min vids for no reason


canadiananim8r . 10 months ago

terrible vid, should be ashamed

Smarty PantS 4 You Gaming

Smarty PantS 4 You Gaming . 10 months ago

Holy s**t pathfinder got s kill with Mozambique 2:49

Random Idiot

Random Idiot . 10 months ago

Thanks for looting help

Christian Castro

Christian Castro . 10 months ago

6:38 you can see octane in the back lol


Ya YEET . 10 months ago

He doesn’t even show gameplay of finding an elite gun wow

weed hunter

weed hunter . 10 months ago


Chris P. Chicken

Chris P. Chicken . 10 months ago

Roses are red Violets are blue I've commented on all of your vids Now where's my coins?

Subscribe for some random videos

Subscribe for some random videos . 10 months ago

afolutely fee fero cost....


GODS4LIVES . 10 months ago

Only a achievement I need it legandary armor and helmet

Ruag Tyard

Ruag Tyard . 10 months ago

Bruh octane 6:30

Joseph K

Joseph K . 10 months ago

This whole 11:08 video is saying to land of the drop ship? Wow thanks never would’ve guessed

NewYawk !

NewYawk ! . 10 months ago

This lisp is brutal

Zarkitek Black

Zarkitek Black . 10 months ago

thanks for show me the same oficial trailer of the oficial channel, dork

Gavin Singh

Gavin Singh . 10 months ago

Nice way to waste our time and get your video over the 10 minute mark

Garret James

Garret James . 10 months ago

This mf sounds like Ike from South Park 😂

Eldar Ahmadov

Eldar Ahmadov . 10 months ago

Starts 07.00


G2 . 10 months ago

Can someone pls explain to me what energy anmo does?! I’ve searched multiple sites but can’t find anything. Let me know pls, I’d appreciate it!

Grammerly ki

Grammerly ki . 11 months ago

quietly hunt his prey use ult INHALEEEEEE EXHALEEEEEEE


Karen . 11 months ago

This guy stretched the vid so hard it isn’t even funny.

Deadly_Wolfy 715

Deadly_Wolfy 715 . 11 months ago

THIS IS ANNOYING, just get to the point

Just a weeb sheep

Just a weeb sheep . 11 months ago

Start at 8:00

MisT Renegade

MisT Renegade . 11 months ago

I subscribed I watch all of you uploads and liked them! I have notifications on and I really want to be in the giveaway pleaseee 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊


MarshMatthew . 11 months ago

Was the whole game trailer really necessary???


RiooFtW . 11 months ago

Misleading title, fu


Xylotolsicam . 11 months ago

This is the worst guide I have ever seen

Raed Elzein

Raed Elzein . 11 months ago


SR Sorrow

SR Sorrow . 11 months ago

You. Are. So. Fucking. Garbage.

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