The Duo

The Duo

Published on 10 months ago

Today we're taking a look at the combat meta in Apex Legends. Hopefully this guide will help a few people win more fights and improve their Apex mechanics. The combination of gunplay and mobility can be tricky to pick up at first, but with a few tips and tricks, I should be able to help you win more in Apex Legends.

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Welcome to TheDuo! We're Tyler and Hannah, a couple of casual gamers who love playing and making videos. We played a lot of PUBG and Fortnite, but have recently started playing more Apex Legends Battle Royale. Most of the videos here are going to be Apex related or games in the Battle Royale genre. We post gaming videos including Apex Legend tutorials, gameplay, Battle Royale tips and more. Join in on live gaming events and random streaming of Apex Legends and other PC video games here on YouTube or over on Twitch. We hope to have you in our skwad, so hit subscribe and we'll see you next video!

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This channel is loaded with tons of great gaming related videos including tutorials, gameplay, highlights, comedy and live streams. Learn how to be a better Apex Legends player, learn how to survive Battle Royale games, become the champion, win that chicken dinner or victory royale, or just be entertained by funny Apex gameplay.
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Comments :

The Duo

The Duo . 5 months ago

Hope you're enjoying the new Solo LTM. We played Apex so much we got a little burnt out and have been kickin it in Pokemon Go this summer. If you play PoGo you can check out our vid here: If not, keep fraggin away in Apex Legends!

Vicente Herrera

Vicente Herrera . 1 week ago

Thank you sir lol Been getting wrecked buts it’s only my second day lol


Bilfy . 1 week ago

Never even thought about these tips. Thanks so much yo Edit: thank you so much this helped a lot lot

Sinister Warrior

Sinister Warrior . 2 weeks ago

I always die at the end of the match because i always keep panicking and I dont know how to calm down


Jrago415 . 2 weeks ago

I started 4 days ago I have 7 kills and it's hard. I hate that you have to finish them off to get the kill.


futur3 . 3 weeks ago

Teammates.Nuff said.


Friend . 1 month ago

Are you calling u’s potatos great


żmija . 1 month ago

Because i playing with randoms :P

Jumpman 23

Jumpman 23 . 2 months ago

How I play apex legends: 1) Wait on queue for a hella long time 2)Scream "HELLO!" on my mic to see if anyone is there 3) suggest jump location 4) Land and pick up guns 5)Get jumped by a whole squad while looting and die 6) teammates die too 7)RAGE 8)Repeat


Raymond ORTIZ RIVERA . 2 months ago

Thanks for the tips. I just started playing today fairly new to the battle royal scene but I'm definitely digging Apex more than fortnite.

Fraudulent Earth

Fraudulent Earth . 2 months ago

Any news on the continuation videos for Apex's meta/movement mentioned at the end of this video - I enjoyed this vid so much, it changed my game completely?


kdtaylor14 . 2 months ago

The guns you have used, I have recently found myself winning with the 301 and the peacekeeper


CARNOBOG . 2 months ago

Little did he know that PathFinder and Wraith will be S tier....And Bang will be a A Tier....Damn


TheNamesJT . 2 months ago

I gave up on apex kept losing every match with no more then 1 kill wouldn't be so bad if i i managed to get at least 5 kills every game then losing wouldn't be such a piss off.Also, 1 in 20 games my ass....maybe for him.

Mr Facysus

Mr Facysus . 2 months ago

Went into this video expecting im gonna get told to just aim at their head to actually getting better, Damn you deserve my sub :D


SqualidsargeStudios . 2 months ago

Fortshite, is a crap game. like it's baby's first shooty game.

Jesus Perez

Jesus Perez . 2 months ago

What's your opinion of Octane in ranked?

King Xemnas

King Xemnas . 2 months ago

My WiFi stay ass bruh

Timmy Tombstone

Timmy Tombstone . 2 months ago

I when hahahah when you died

Touhidul Islam Omi

Touhidul Islam Omi . 2 months ago

This dude is actually right, toughest opponents i faced in apex were tough to hit and when i get a decent amount of damage in one of them and break the shield the opponent will run and slip away and another one of his team mate would pick me out

Reaper LM

Reaper LM . 2 months ago

I just got finished taking notes. This should help with my lack of skill. Thanks!

Shelby Goodall

Shelby Goodall . 2 months ago

This video makes a lot of sense, it makes me look at myself and say, "you idiot, it's all common sense when it comes to Apex combat! Move, slide, dip, dodge and all the above, damnit!"


proxim . 3 months ago

Octan is the best for moovment but wraith is much better engager and runner out of combats soo yeah i think its better to play wraith than bangalore and octan

Triple T

Triple T . 3 months ago

I hope this helps. I play overwatch, cod and pubg. And I'm usually focuses on aim. And I did the same trying apex the other day. Had about 15 games that lasted like 2 minutes. Hopefully this will help me next time I play


Tinks . 3 months ago

This guy sounds like the burger king foot lettuce guy

Aurther Pein

Aurther Pein . 3 months ago

9:47 me af!

Tyler Williams

Tyler Williams . 3 months ago

Crouch shooting become annoying

Someone with true feelings

Someone with true feelings . 3 months ago



Tomcattube1 . 3 months ago

Super informative video, thanks!!!


SecretSickle89 . 3 months ago

“Bangalore and Octane have speed boosts” 7 months later... Pathfinder is every mobility character in the game.


NotSoBrown . 3 months ago

Hipfire with the pk and eva are not only very effective but just as effective as ADS. There is no change to the pellet spread minus having the choke on the pk

Mad Max Rockatansky

Mad Max Rockatansky . 3 months ago

The best combo is the trinity of Wraight, Lifeline and Bangalore. Lol I have won more than lost with that combo. And I am an average player

Moe Arno

Moe Arno . 3 months ago

After watching this I got instantly better thanks

Jai Amos

Jai Amos . 3 months ago

Love that ‘I am the neo of apex legends’ THATS great

Kaylee Melton

Kaylee Melton . 3 months ago

Apex has a small assist aim


Nairobi . 3 months ago

When your teamtes engage in a fight so you help out but then you lose because they ran away to the other side of the map without saying anything.

António André

António André . 3 months ago

Fortnite is a builder royale, never talk about that if you are recording apex


jcue69 . 3 months ago

I was paying the most attention until he said “ Bangalore and octane are meta “ 😩😩😩😩

Felix Alcatraz

Felix Alcatraz . 3 months ago

nah, i just wait till i get a wraith main with 5k kills and just follow her around and carry ammo of her gun types

what that mouf do

what that mouf do . 3 months ago

Are u using a rapidfire button for singlefire action or is ur girlfriend a very lucky person?

Edo Tosheida

Edo Tosheida . 3 months ago

Does this work out well for console players

JacobLance Tucker

JacobLance Tucker . 3 months ago

People I play with don’t know how to push or risk it for the biscuit and they run away


missingyouluv . 3 months ago

I been trying to get better and I still suck lol

Jeremiah Golder

Jeremiah Golder . 3 months ago

Most fights for me end before they begin because the teammates I drop with love to hot drop and go die after picking up all the guns so that I have nothing, or they'll randomly pull out of a fight, wait for me to die, then try to engage again. All without communicating that they're doing any of that.

Javian Brown

Javian Brown . 3 months ago

This was good.I subbed

The X Nut

The X Nut . 3 months ago

Me sometime has beast mode and getting 7-10 kills per match but other games just die after landing. My life right there


Griftercash . 3 months ago

hey! I just just came across this video and consequently with your channel and I really enjoyed your voice tone and how well you explain everything so here is my like and my subscription!

Alexander king

Alexander king . 4 months ago

meanwhile i go blind if i move too much

British boi

British boi . 4 months ago

One thing we can all agree on.... hackers are the purest form of human garbage in battle royal

LivelyParty kills

LivelyParty kills . 4 months ago


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