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Mortario1 ;-;

Mortario1 ;-; . 2 months ago

Lol just make the hackers do 0 damage with anything and free kills


Zeusifer . 3 months ago

I literally had to stop playing Apex Because I swear every other game I run into a hacker some guy has boosted there stats

Miron 768

Miron 768 . 3 months ago

What's up with the pausing while you were talking? You're normally know for talking really fast without making no mistakes lol.

Miron 768

Miron 768 . 3 months ago

tHey JUst HaVe A GOod GamInG cHaiR ShWANtz.

Matt Retro

Matt Retro . 3 months ago

The worst case with this shit is that XXiF guy from Fortnite. Dude cheated in WC and got a 2 WEEK BAN, like the fuck?

Epso RKS

Epso RKS . 3 months ago

Personally I think Apex is shit, but I am biased because I don't like BRs. If you cheat you're shit, I do troll but I don't result to cheat to troll.


GCP . 3 months ago

If you have to cheat or hack to win that speaks volumes about how trash you are as a player.


CovertBrony . 3 months ago

It is sad that there's actual people defending cheating, even hacking no less.

El NeRo

El NeRo . 3 months ago

Make suspicious accounts do 0 damage with anything?


SWE87HS . 3 months ago


Adam Coombs

Adam Coombs . 3 months ago

Hardware bans and killing the source of these hacks is the best course of action in my opinion. I play on Xbox, just to make this upcoming question easier to understand. Can there be hackers on Xbox and PlayStation?

Taylor Burns

Taylor Burns . 3 months ago

Easy way: EA requires everyone who plays to sign up for an EA account, so if you're caught cheating your account password gets stealth changed. Extreme Way: IP Ban, and the user's Hardware and Payment method are tagged

Brendan Folk

Brendan Folk . 3 months ago

Sounds like you ran out of breath in some spot of the video

erik is guitar dude

erik is guitar dude . 3 months ago

I don't have any friends on my console just cuse im a prick 2 eveyone. But most of my irl friends aren't gamers soon I'm out 2 just cuse gaming is dying slowly

Amélia Rangel

Amélia Rangel . 3 months ago

So hi

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