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20 Mistakes Marvel Wishes They Could Erase



Published on 2 months ago

Big Mistakes Marvel Wishes They Could Take Back
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We all make mistakes from time to time, but when our favorite superhero franchises are the ones that make errors, we have a hard time looking past them. The MCU has been around for over ten years now, which means although the movies are awesome, gradually over time a significant amount of mistakes have built up from move to movie. Mistakes Marvel wishes they could erase, but sadly they can’t.

Just look at the way they handled the fake Mandarin in Iron Man 3 and how the general public responded to the twist. Look at certain major plot holes like Nick Fury’s missing eye, Thanos’ infinity gauntlet, and even the general Marvel timeline presented in Spiderman: Homecoming and Captain America: Civil War. The point is, there are a lot of mistakes in MCU movies that we think need to be pointed out. We’re not overly mad at them or anything, we understand that making these movies can be difficult, but it’s still sort of funny how some of these Marvel movie mistakes slipped through the cracks without anyone noticing them.

So today’s video is all about the biggest mistakes in Marvel movies. Check out our video below and be sure to let us know in the comments what you think is the biggest mistake in all of the MCU. And don’t forget to hit that subscribe button once you’re done or else we will keep the rat from rescuing you from the Quantum realm!


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Goodbrossmx . 2 months ago

MARVEL: can you let us please remove the mistakes Film editors: *No, I dont think I will*

John Payaso De La Muerte Reynolds

John Payaso De La Muerte Reynolds . 1 hour ago

I loved Ed Norton as Bruce/Hulk. The Incredible Hulk was a very good film. I wish MCU would treat the Hulk with more respect and honor his true power, strength, ferociousness, and overall capabilities.

whats really going on

whats really going on . 6 hours ago

Poor thanos deadpool got lady death all sewed up


Jake . 11 hours ago

Captain America didn’t do anything because if he did it would have messed up the whole world and lots could go wrong


LightSource . 21 hours ago

And the rats name is Mickey


LightSource . 21 hours ago

4. Cap also traveled to a parallel world so he could've been a hero in that timeline while the real cap was still in the ice, altering the history of the parallel timeline not his original one

realistic person

realistic person . 1 day ago

Adam warlock was suppose to be in the movies however due to him being a man they thought women wouldn't like the idea of another MCU powerhouse being a bloke (because they're all men so far) so they chose to make the Captain Marvel film instead and try to make her the powerhouse despite the fact you can skip her film because it adds nothing to the story. that's also why they had the women moment in endgame to try and show women heroes are strong too and it ended up being the biggest cringe moment of the entire franchise

Shawn Carlson trukerdude14

Shawn Carlson trukerdude14 . 1 day ago

I the movie end game Ironman talked to his dad could that be why Ironman died

The Not Sure Channel

The Not Sure Channel . 2 days ago

01:44 Cap KNEW that history had to fulfill itself... to unfold in such a way that things would turn out exactly as they did.


George REGINALD . 2 days ago

A rat 😂

James Dean

James Dean . 2 days ago

Should of paid Terrence Howard more money. He’s way cooler than Don Cheadle

Mortem Zequax

Mortem Zequax . 2 days ago

Thano's plan is a big plot hole in it self with the gauntlet he could simply 2* all the space and resources if not 10*

Maha Kaal

Maha Kaal . 2 days ago

Talking about time travel... Think once , ..scot enter quantum realm by the van thing 5 years ago and came in future 5 years ahead..it means to enter and exit we need a device or machine...but our mightiest hero's enter through machine and exit where ever they want...🤔

Joseph Mata

Joseph Mata . 3 days ago



fxp . 3 days ago

The voice is quite irritating

aidan hart

aidan hart . 3 days ago

i disliked the SJW feminist nature of end game so much i got up to take a leak and get more popcorn during.... what a disappointing movie that was

Jenn Briscoe

Jenn Briscoe . 4 days ago

Not having a Deadpool crossover

LuxuriousYak 310

LuxuriousYak 310 . 4 days ago

most of this is shit

smurf streetking

smurf streetking . 4 days ago

MARVEL can we have a movie that actually explains hulk because you spoiled a tv show i love in the 80 with David Banner and in that series yes he dies but how is bruce actually tested on by his father? Its a huge mess up to me and spoils it

Cosmic Gaming

Cosmic Gaming . 4 days ago

i domt think you understand what project insight was. the whole point was that they could determine the threat befrore the threatt not determine the threat because they are a threat. you could use ur eyes or people to determine that

Richard Brown

Richard Brown . 4 days ago

You can thank Disney

Chad Light

Chad Light . 4 days ago

The infinity gauntlet appears on screen as both right and left handed


JR . 4 days ago

This video shows how much of the mcu is just made up as they go. Great video.

Tina Spurr

Tina Spurr . 4 days ago

Nortons hulk was better


PT H . 5 days ago

Some pretty petty & worthless complaints in this video... Some were incorrect... Please try to improve quality...

Aleksander Larsen

Aleksander Larsen . 5 days ago

If does who made this movie had watched marvel agents of shield they would know that coulsons rivival was a big part of the plot in the series. So if they didnt kill him off in avengers, there would ge a lack of motivation for coulson to investigate his revival and the story would be a lot different. The story progression would not have worked with the plot if he didnt die. They could have killed him off in the series, but for my sake its kind of cool with the ties to the avengersmovie.

muddyfarmer oscuras

muddyfarmer oscuras . 5 days ago

The cap created a separate timeline, after the timeline caught up, he traveled back to his original timeline. There is an old comic where captain America actually does go back, and basically makes that timeline a utopia for himself, where he saves everyone. Now the original timeline has no infinity stones, let's throw that out there, with no time stone and space stone governing, well the space time continuum, actually made it possible for his older self to appear in his original timeline. If they did exist, he would've came back as the normal Steve Rogers we all know. Boring. The MCU has already started to show us E-616 without the stones. Now we'll see the skulls come back, vampires are no longer afraid of the mystic arts. But the biggest is Adam Warlock no longer being restrained by the soul stone!!

lazlo zand

lazlo zand . 5 days ago

they should have brought in Obnoxo the clown.


fpetes . 5 days ago

RE: Captain America There's nothing stating anything about it being the same timeline that he left and came back to. Thats literally not how it works, at all. Its the concept of the multi-verse. That wasn't their Steve Rogers, it was A Steve Rogers whose own timeline happened to follow nearly identically the same plan. "Why wouldn't there have been multiple Steve Rogers showing up then?" - because every time things deviate, a new timeline is created. There are an infinite number occuring everytime something important enough happens as explained more cosmically by The Ancient One to Banner. Steve understood if he mucked with timelines it would screw things up. He was never in his own and knew that he'd be screwing up his own plan for the future of the Steve Rogers in the timeline he went to.

TJ Thunder

TJ Thunder . 5 days ago

Steven Segal was BORN to play The Mandarin 😂🤣😂

Aryan Suvarna

Aryan Suvarna . 5 days ago

6:19 Jane is worthy

Temporary Potato

Temporary Potato . 5 days ago

14:33 ? ? ? ?? ? no ? ? ?

Stephen Petersen

Stephen Petersen . 6 days ago

Cap can't mess with time or else Thanos would come back, come on man.


TheDutchPathFinder1 . 6 days ago

In Endgame Thor goes back in time to Asgard and meet his mother....cool enough. Then he summons Mjolnir.....i wonder what the Thor in that timeline must have thought when his hammer went missing.....just saying. :-)

Ollie Hunt

Ollie Hunt . 6 days ago

Cap saved his world, he did what he was born/created (Depending on if you see Cap as Steve Rogers or the Super Soldier, or both) he was done, he didn’t need to save another universe.

Carlos Butler

Carlos Butler . 7 days ago

Good video but overthought. There wasn’t a damn near 15 year plan in place. If someone could predict 2008 Ironman go Endgame with monetary results then all those movies would of been better bc there would be zero risk.

Ian Bailey

Ian Bailey . 7 days ago

Captain America went back into the past? Who's past? Which past?


Karakofire . 7 days ago

The point where the video mentioned that Asgard didnt protect the forge, it was due to loki messing around instead of protecting the nine relms

Nathan lloyd

Nathan lloyd . 1 week ago

The mistakes in descending order for me, captain marvel, hulk, spider man homecoming. They could easily fix spidermans title card you know

Nathan lloyd

Nathan lloyd . 1 week ago

It was not out of character for cap in endgame to do that. And in reference to time travel, he probably made it wobble but he obviously did not affect any major events so no new timeline was started so when his scene appears at the end, he's been waiting on that bench and did not jump between timelines.

Marc Whinery

Marc Whinery . 1 week ago

Complaining that a comic book character came back to life is a bit silly when absurd resurrections is a staple of comics. Though, there should have been an end credit scene where they showed Agent Coulson being resurrected in the MCU, not just the "It's in the MCU - oh, not really" MTVU. Personally, I think Agent Hill's line about the cards not being in his coat should have been followed with "And they are working on him now" or something else to indicate that the death was quite possibly not a death onscreen, but played as a death to the Avengers to motivate them, and let the audience know the apparently fatal blow left him only mostly dead.


clash5j . 1 week ago

Cap would be smart enough to realize that preventing a horror, that he knows is going to happen, could create the possibility of a worse horror. Stop 9/11? Well, then perhaps the terrorists (or if you're a conspiracy theorist) the US government, perpetrate an even worse atrocity. Cap would know to let things unfold as organically as possible...while still giving himself the happy ending he so much deserves. Now, would Cap be able to resist telling his wife that SHIELD has been compromised by Hydra? That's another question. ;). Basically, this problem occurred because the Russos and the writers never got together to discuss these things. I mean, when I saw Peggy on her deathbed, surrounded by pictures of the people she loved, but a husband mysteriously missing from those pictures, I knew something was up with who her husband was, but the Russos didn't?

Mugabe Karim

Mugabe Karim . 1 week ago

Best narrator of CBR


MaximusJohal . 1 week ago

Thor 3 was great without Jane


MaximusJohal . 1 week ago

I dont get the relationship of hawk and black widow and bruce....

David Wright

David Wright . 1 week ago

Just like the kinder, gentler Grinch in new animated and live action Grinch movies, beings can't be just evil or despicable, they have to have a motivation that seems more noble or caused by others. Some people are just bad and this movie style is just the signs of the times with giving everything bad an excuse for what they are doing. This is why they changed story of Thanos.

Daren O'Hanlon

Daren O'Hanlon . 1 week ago

I've been a nerd all my life,I never was interested in comic books,because even as a child I found them silly ( cue the ton of hate about to fall upon me ) I was always a science nerd and even as a kid I watched hard sci/fi movies,the Marvel movies are great for me as 90% of what I hated about the cartoons was removed,"Marvels Agents of Shield is everything I hated about the comic books,but the movies were great for me,and with everyone harping on with trying to make sense of the rules about time travel,I find hilarious when everyone is supposed to be comic book fans where logic was never in the picture with them,of all the Marvel Movies that really irked me was Ironman 3 ,Tony had 44 Ironman suits with all manner of ways to call a suit to him,yet for some reason the entire movie was wrapped around his struggling to get an unfinished prototype suit to work,when he simply could have logged onto his Stark Mainframe in a dozen different ways to call upon a working suit to come to him,so the whole seeing him trying to make do with random items he bought at a hardware store really had me well MAD

Eddie Lusk

Eddie Lusk . 1 week ago

I just want to add that there was a Hulk before Edward Norton, that was Eric Bana. Personally I liked Eric Bana more than I did Edward Norton. I will say that Mark Ruffalo of the three is my favorite.

Roger Auger

Roger Auger . 1 week ago

Time Travel for the producers of the Terminator is a fucking cash cow they can keep making more mediocre crap.


Crow29803 . 1 week ago

I hate avengers end game and Spider-Man feels thrown in.

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