Best loot spots and loot routes in Apex Legends Season 3 for high end gear. Best level 3 armor spawns are shown in this video I talk about best sniper spawns in World's Edge. Also, I cover the best level 4 gear spawns for Apex Legends Season 3. I also share some details on all cargo drone spawns, and much more.

All Apex Legends Loot Rate stats:

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The Gaming Merchant

The Gaming Merchant . 2 months ago

Do you know any more loot spots? Share them here! Also make sure to check me out on Twitch :)

Infected CB

Infected CB . 5 days ago

Does everybody know about the dog shrine at the very top left of the map? It's farther up and more to the left of skyhook. If you land there it almost looks like you're about to fall off the map, but then you'll see two red crates. There is a 100% chance for purple armor and I've found 2 purple armors there 75% of the time.

Jackson Helms

Jackson Helms . 2 weeks ago

There are garanteed level 4 and 3 armor above shyhook

Stan Zeldin

Stan Zeldin . 3 weeks ago

Hey great video. You should of included the bins right next to skyhook that have a guaranteed purple shield maybe 2. When you jump down from sniper mountain you make that left and go straight past the shed and house and there is 2 crates.

ᴏɴɪᴏɴ ᴋɴɪɢʜᴛ

ᴏɴɪᴏɴ ᴋɴɪɢʜᴛ . 4 weeks ago

There is also spot when you travel further north from snipers ridge. When u reach the house, travel further north where u will find a 'cave' which has 2 loot bins, u will almost find 2 purple or 1 gold armour everytime

josh padilla

josh padilla . 1 month ago

Seriously none of you all know about the hidden bins that give purple shield or gold almost always with pheonix kits

Rodolfo felix

Rodolfo felix . 1 month ago

There are two supply bins a little left to true north of where he is at 2:24 in a little cove at the edge of the map pass the two houses and train tracks with a guaranteed purple shield every time, i have yet to see a video about it, you are welcome I always land in ranked at the spot.

Josh Mitchell

Josh Mitchell . 1 month ago

I have found level 4 body armor in the train yard under the first building in front of the stairs under the building in the air.

Kocaine Kowboys

Kocaine Kowboys . 1 month ago

Northwest of Skyhook there are 2 loot bins just under a canyon at the edge of the map. These bins ALWAYS have at least 1 purple shield/3 phoenix kits. Sometimes it has 2 purple/less phoenix kits. Other times it has gold/purple shield combo. I have landed there at least 20 times and ALWAYS came away with a purple shield. Discovered it while playing duos recently and i've just been amazed by how many randoms quit the game because they think i'm crazy for wanting these 2 loot bins. 🤣 Has to be the best spot on the map!

karl mielke

karl mielke . 1 month ago

I have a spot that you can get at least 1 purple and I have found 2 purple and a gold. But imma keep it secret till I investigate more

Julian Zimianitis

Julian Zimianitis . 2 months ago

Dang it! Now everybody’s going to be landing at Sniper’s Ridge! That used to be my secret top-tier loot spot and loot route (I still drop there almost every match, because it’s OP af, and almost always has a charge rifle).

Ryan Pommenville

Ryan Pommenville . 2 months ago

I love the center of skyhook

Nj dc

Nj dc . 2 months ago

But getting gold is easier to get, my whole squad got all gold items and we won the game.

Cory Schuster

Cory Schuster . 2 months ago

The drones that carry loot are a replacement of flyers.

Joe Sisler

Joe Sisler . 2 months ago

Thermal station has always proved to twice me good loot personally.


CaldwellCustoms . 2 months ago

Someone else who loves the prowler etc! :))


Comatose . 2 months ago

My loot spots have been exposed! D:

Krish Vatsa

Krish Vatsa . 2 months ago

Also in epicenter, at the bottom in the room I almost always get purple armor or a Phoenix kit. Great vid, would love to see more like it.


vadermardark . 2 months ago

Under The Tree is a purple spwan


Mr.BigBoss7 . 2 months ago

To me the issue is the randomness of the loot that’s irritating. Land and ran thru 3 buildings no weapons or shields but hella ammo with attachments. And also the backpacks seem to have been heavily limited. I like the map though as far as layout and game flow

F_to_pay _respec

F_to_pay _respec . 2 months ago

Ya know, at the middle of skyhook, i found TWO golden armors, so im pretty sure its a good spot, that or i was very VERY lucky that one game

ll baKa ll

ll baKa ll . 2 months ago

I'd definitely agree with the end bin on the Train,  middle building in Epicentre and also the Refinery in general - all seem to have purples almost all the time. Loot is still pretty weird, not necessarily bad. Had to search nearly three buildings, each with three floors in the north-western city to find a single gun last night and finding a bag sometimes seems like a chore.

Jed elmer

Jed elmer . 2 months ago

There is more loot than is obvious, hopefully they fix the RNG a bit though, I dropped last night and there were 7 p2020’s with no ammo and shield cells with no shields! A bit frustrating sometimes.

Jesse C

Jesse C . 2 months ago

I found the armor in refinery the day the map dropped, and for a good 2-3 days nobody would drop there so I'd safely get myself a purple/gold armor with no enemies but over the last week everybody has found out and it's a hotzone now

Jaren Balan

Jaren Balan . 2 months ago

jokes on you but me and my boys know how to stealth to top 3 with level 1 gear

Light905 Ray

Light905 Ray . 2 months ago


Matthew Morgan

Matthew Morgan . 2 months ago

I wonder what happens if you die with a vault key. What color would your box be, red? Has anyone tried it?

iya supun

iya supun . 2 months ago

👁 👁 ⭐️👃💧 👄


MaxMisch . 2 months ago

I always get purple armor on lower level of epicenter. Once I've got helmet but the rest of the time there was an armor

Jordan Ahamed

Jordan Ahamed . 2 months ago

I've haven't looted one golden weapon yet ( excluding the kraber and mastif and L-star )

Jordan Ahamed

Jordan Ahamed . 2 months ago

I'm trying to rack up as many kills with the C-rifle as fast as I can before they nerf it

Im the FPS GOD

Im the FPS GOD . 2 months ago

I'm almost 100% certain that skyhook is a poi spawn, I've found 2 purple shields there multiple times. Great place to land if it's out of the way :)


funtimes237 . 2 months ago

2:26 how do you shoot the charge rifle like that?


iGnashtys . 2 months ago

Anyone else having really laggy hitching servers in season 3

Eui Ran Chung

Eui Ran Chung . 2 months ago

Could u plz do another r99 vs r301 plz? I really enjoyed the last one and now that they both changed, I would appreciate it if u did another one


OmicroNCS . 2 months ago

Winning skyhook has set me and my squad up for a top 3 every single time

Josh Sellens

Josh Sellens . 2 months ago

Can u do another r99 vs r301 comparison video??


TheMangledTriangle . 2 months ago

Nooo I'll see you in the comments good sir!

Dashy [GD]

Dashy [GD] . 2 months ago

I knew all of these apart from refinery lol

C2O Alcatraz

C2O Alcatraz . 2 months ago

Thanks so much for the Vid!!!!!! Great quality.

shadyburn ike

shadyburn ike . 2 months ago

The trees my favorite spot


Nothing232 . 2 months ago

I am pretty sure thermal station has a point of interest area on top of the huge tower thing


NIXX SAXX . 2 months ago

Each "bin" should have a 100% weapon spawn


TylerAndToast . 2 months ago

I feel like there's a ton of purp and gold armor! Especially with the vaults

The Vinyl Truffle

The Vinyl Truffle . 2 months ago

I’ve known about the chimney in refinery for awhile. We went there a few days ago and our random third wouldn’t break off and I didn’t want him to challenge me for the purple armor. So I flew down in a way that the chimney wall would separate us. Him on the outside, me on the inside. Since I hit it right at the edge, it was like dropping into a bowl, or half pipe. I gained massive momentum, went up the other side, and then flew about 30 feet up above the top of the chimney. It was fucking crazy fun.

Michael Baessler

Michael Baessler . 2 months ago

Thank you for all of your great videos. I really like when I'm in a match, and something you've taught me allows me to help other people in the game. I've learned so many tips, information and strategies from you, and Lord Spink as well, and this makes my game so much more enjoyable. I really appreciate content creators like you. Not to mention your abilities are just amazing to watch. Thanks!


Shoob . 2 months ago

What’s the point of having level 3 everything when you can’t deal 50 damage point blank with a spitfire


TheVillainOfTheYear . 2 months ago

If you go to all those spots, you're fine. The rest of the map is pretty barren IMO. I'm really not enjoying this map. Ranked is a nightmare when you spend a full three minutes and all you have are grenades and magazines. Thinking about uninstalling.



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Guaranteed high tier loot is also found in the lava places on the map

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