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EXCLUSIVE: African hero George Weah



Published on 5 years ago


Africa's only-ever FIFA World Player of the Year winner, George Weah was one of the most thrilling and inspirational footballers ever for Liberia, AC Milan, Monaco, PSG, Chelsea and others.

Football leads the way in Liberia:

Weah - A Legend in his own time:

More about George Weah and the Ballon d'Or:

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Comments :

Ko Ko

Ko Ko . 4 weeks ago

C était un hero avant. It s hero before now it s dictator to liberia

Tony 9419

Tony 9419 . 1 month ago

Great player, great testimony 👏 👍. Bravo Gearge 👏 💪🏽💪🏽☺⚘⚘

Sayak Majumdar

Sayak Majumdar . 1 month ago

Sir, you are one of the greatest african footballer in history, i respect you 😀😀😀😀

Michael Scofield

Michael Scofield . 1 month ago

Weah + Bierhoff = Scudetto 🖤❤💥

Rijal Arba

Rijal Arba . 2 months ago

my legend AC milan # Forz Milan


CASTRO OSPIRO . 3 months ago

His now the president of Liberia

Lestari Jehan

Lestari Jehan . 3 months ago

Milan legend

Valentino GoodStep

Valentino GoodStep . 6 months ago

Im From MIlan and Milan fan still have His Shirt with his name on !!!

Jimmy Elvis Tarpeh

Jimmy Elvis Tarpeh . 6 months ago

WEAH simply means: W=World best, E=Europe Best, A=African best, H=Head of states, because he’s presently the president of the Republic of Liberia.

Ham AlA

Ham AlA . 6 months ago

A president since 1995

Sandile Manqele

Sandile Manqele . 6 months ago

He is the best FIFA player ever, if bringing revolution and eventually leading a country thru FIFA's glory is anything to go by. Thus Liberia is FIFA's child as a country n FIFA shud utilize Liberia better thn any country sport wise.

stephen Boateng

stephen Boateng . 7 months ago

Love from Ghana, Ghanaian parents born in Liberia 🇱🇷 🇬🇭

Dickson Enonda

Dickson Enonda . 7 months ago

I think he is the best player of Africa at the moment

Abugre Aloko

Abugre Aloko . 7 months ago

Africa greatest of all time 🐐

Rhys Hart

Rhys Hart . 7 months ago

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 *football or girlfriend???? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂* 1:17 🔥💖 👇👇

power man

power man . 7 months ago

Power has changed him, he has become a tyrant to his people

Patrick M Mabena

Patrick M Mabena . 7 months ago

What a legend

Bobito Show Time

Bobito Show Time . 7 months ago

His voice sounds like Idris Elba

Ben Ben

Ben Ben . 7 months ago

He shone on the fields for years, but due to discrimination he only went to a big club after he was 30. Weah is legend and an exceptional player. He would be the best player in the world for years.

segunjohnson afilaka

segunjohnson afilaka . 7 months ago

So emotional

mel 007

mel 007 . 7 months ago

Arsen Wenger is a great human being


True . 8 months ago

Great guy!

Albert X

Albert X . 8 months ago

Now he is a failed president

Juan David

Juan David . 9 months ago

This was the push that led him to the presidency. Even international politics touched the football awards

Langast 18

Langast 18 . 9 months ago

Someone in 2019?

Joaderson Rodrigues

Joaderson Rodrigues . 10 months ago

El Pelé socher

Jas Jas

Jas Jas . 11 months ago

Respect to you Sir, his excellency President Weah. proud to be an African.

Prog Master

Prog Master . 11 months ago

RESPECT To Mr George WEAH the Best

real mdrid

real mdrid . 11 months ago

Best player in Africa

Ville Lumière

Ville Lumière . 12 months ago

Best player of psg 💥🔴🔵

Akeem Soumare

Akeem Soumare . 1 year ago

True football legend. Not just for Africans. But for the whole world.

ARMY1971 UB40

ARMY1971 UB40 . 1 year ago

Legend + Legend = Legends 😎✌💓

Nasto Ali

Nasto Ali . 1 year ago

Imagine saying european hero


Malih . 1 year ago

Sometimes the most precious gifts comes from the dirt,this story is the epitome of coming out better. Respect


SUSILO , . 1 year ago

Let's make salah and Mane win this year ✌️

Saz Jay11

Saz Jay11 . 1 year ago

Remarkable performance from Weah won the Ballon do r when there where still true Legends

Diallo Thierno souleymane

Diallo Thierno souleymane . 1 year ago

very classic rock.

Carlos Araujo

Carlos Araujo . 1 year ago

A classy Player...

Hapkido Diochagy

Hapkido Diochagy . 1 year ago

Mister weah, God guise you..

Smackoff Wah

Smackoff Wah . 1 year ago

Now how possible somebody like this will even think about stealing from a country he loves so much? Come on Liberian.

All in The Game

All in The Game . 1 year ago

Arsene Wenger is a prophet sent from God

Itoro David

Itoro David . 1 year ago

Wenger should return what is in that box to Liberia cos it was an honour, it should be reciprocated.

Itoro David

Itoro David . 1 year ago

Wenger should return what is in that box to Liberia cos it was an honour, it should be reciprocated.

Fabian Fadhillah

Fabian Fadhillah . 1 year ago


Val Vibes

Val Vibes . 2 years ago

Samuel Eto almost get his hands on that W best player award too I'm just waiting to see the next

Thomas S Toe

Thomas S Toe . 2 years ago

King of African football and president of the republic of Liberia, he’s a great role model for every African

Ahmet Hakkı Zontul

Ahmet Hakkı Zontul . 2 years ago

Adam şimdi liberia devlet başkanı


MK MK . 2 years ago


Kwasi Adu-Gyamfi

Kwasi Adu-Gyamfi . 2 years ago


Mustafa Ndagoe

Mustafa Ndagoe . 2 years ago

This video meke me Cry, its very emotional story. God bless Weah, God bless Arsen wenger "Ameen"

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