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Top 10 Best Weapons In Apex Legends Season 3!

Raynday Gaming

Raynday Gaming

Published on 4 months ago

The Top 10 Best Weapons In Apex Legends Season 3! Is the Wingman still King? Does the G7 Scout take #1? How OP is the Charge Rifle, and what Weapons should you use to Dominate your games! Agree with the list? Disagree? Let me know in the comments! Like the video and Subscribe & Hit the bell to get my uploads! https://bit.ly/2ejoOyw | Twitter: https://twitter.com/rayndaygaming | Follow the stream, Raynstorm! ► https://twitch.com/raynday

This video goes over the best weapons in Apex Legends Season 3! There are new hop ups, new weapon buffs, the New Charge rifle, and a whole new meta of Long Distance fighting that changes the game completely! This is one of my favorite things about Season 3, there are so many new weapons that are viable, and this list breaks down the Top 10 weapons of the new patch and highlights why. I also include my opinions on Pro Play, and some relative damage and weapon stat info so you can be more informed, more effective and have more fun in the new season! Enjoy!

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Thanks for being a part of the channel ladies and gentleman, friends and families! It means a lot, and that's why I'm committed to bringing you fun and entertaining content you can enjoy anyplace, anytime. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments, or just share what is on your mind. Keep growing, keep moving forward, and may the blessings of life be with you! Never Give Up, Never Stop Gaming!

Comments :

Raynday Gaming

Raynday Gaming . 4 months ago

Here it is - the best weapons in Apex Legends in Season 3! Hopefully you learned something and found the video valuable, and at the very least, enjoyed the commentary and gameplay! For those new - hey! I hope you subscribe for more of my videos and I see you around again! Also, check out the stream https://twitch.tv/raynday for when I go live!

Mc_ Nugget

Mc_ Nugget . 20 hours ago

I just use r99 and prowler combo with selective fire, then I just avoid open spaces and try to go for close range combat. I can usually take out 2 people with 1 prowler magazine depending on its level, and the r99 is just a reliable smg and my weapon of choice.

TheZombieofdeath 7

TheZombieofdeath 7 . 1 day ago

Tbh R-301 and Flatline loadout is a pretty good loadout I’m opinion but only if the flatline has a dot sight

David Neužil

David Neužil . 2 days ago

Where is the Spitfire

Winona Smith

Winona Smith . 2 days ago

I disagree with one the r-301 is a very good weapon it’s accuracy and bullet drop is on point and with the new buff anvil reciver it’s even better I like rocking it with a red dot and the damage and reload speed is good personally I think the r-301 can keep up with the r-99 if you have good aim

Younga Choi

Younga Choi . 3 days ago

Also I find ur videos very helpful and just fun to watch! 🙃

Younga Choi

Younga Choi . 3 days ago

I honestly don’t think that the charge rifle spells he ranked #1 but that’s just my opinion

Jude Aspland

Jude Aspland . 4 days ago

wheres the spitfire!!?? best weapon hands down


I_Is_Burrito . 4 days ago

7:38 why are peacekeepers so inconsistent lol

Diwakar 365

Diwakar 365 . 7 days ago

Just clutched 3 guys with charge rifile in close range

Mike Muehlherr

Mike Muehlherr . 1 week ago

5:53 “and a little detail no one’s missing that I caught” 🤔

ColdBloodedKufa Lol

ColdBloodedKufa Lol . 1 week ago

1: P2020

Christian Young cash register aka lil broomstick

Christian Young cash register aka lil broomstick . 1 week ago

No offense but I really don’t think charge rifle is #1 3 reasons 1 it’s not that hard to Dodge the rifle charge beam is what I like to call it you can jus hide behind a rock or go into the void and pop a smoke and drop a shield dome and throw a gas trap for u just activate it or just slide for u to hit the air 2 it’s runs on the rarest ammo in the game 3 it’s on versatile in far range a really this game is more of a close combat game there’s a ammo that literally only has close combat weapons (cough light ammo)

Ify Mayo

Ify Mayo . 1 week ago

What’s ur settings like to play like that


mmmcristovive1 . 1 week ago

I thought the re-45 and the devotion and triple take was def in this list

Master Unidragon

Master Unidragon . 2 weeks ago

Damn really thought he’d put the carbined or whatever it’s called because that gun is smoked


7h3crush3r . 2 weeks ago

It’s kraber Lstar and mastiff

Doctor Duke

Doctor Duke . 2 weeks ago

The Spitfire is my favorite weapon in the game. That gun has come in clutch for me too many times to count.

Jeremy Guerrero

Jeremy Guerrero . 2 weeks ago

DMR getting no love 😭 by far my fav gun in the game

Dillon Fuller

Dillon Fuller . 2 weeks ago

I guess you weren't counting supply drop weapons in this list? Mastiff should be top 3 for sure and there's an argument to be had for the Lstar and Kraber

Blue Skull Games

Blue Skull Games . 2 weeks ago

Even if they were to make the mozambiqua sheniqua a god tier one shot hip fire 300m god gun it would still be the worst fucking gun in the game

Ben Stone III

Ben Stone III . 2 weeks ago

My opinion the alternator should be on here


Davidx . 2 weeks ago

I remember when the wingman and peacekeeper was the best loadout (with the recommenced attachments), Until the peacekeeper got nerfed.

AXL Fr0sty

AXL Fr0sty . 2 weeks ago


juggen z1

juggen z1 . 2 weeks ago

Pk wingman r99 should all be top 5

Ya boi Airsoft

Ya boi Airsoft . 2 weeks ago

Nah nah nah, the best weapon in the game? The syringe. no doubt.

holding Body

holding Body . 2 weeks ago

I think the r-99 is the best and the 301 was BC my aim with this r fire i hit all my shots

Felipe Zamudio

Felipe Zamudio . 2 weeks ago

I think the R-99 is the best weapon to have 👍🏻😎


ShanzzA . 2 weeks ago

I hate the wingman. And also. No. Alternator? Whaaatttt


RABBIT 9 . 3 weeks ago

fk u

Dustin Lachar

Dustin Lachar . 3 weeks ago

This video was made before the PK nerf, so y'all can chill out. Charge rifle is good but most certainly not as good as the G7. I also believe that the R-99 should have been ranked higher. the points you mentioned is that it has a reduced clip and that it has a random spray. I dont believe that either of these points should have particularly swayed your ranking. The r-99 is primarily used as a close range gun making it so that the spray doesnt make a difference. The smaller mag is such a negligible change that I doubt anybody even really noticed. Sorry about the paragraph even though I doubt many would have read this far. This is just my friendly critiquing of the list but if you have any objections to the points that I have made please do not hesitate to tell me.


Crucixles . 3 weeks ago

I prefer R-301 Instead of Flatline

Andrija Istvanic

Andrija Istvanic . 3 weeks ago

Where is prowler?

Logan Wheat

Logan Wheat . 3 weeks ago


aZian RiceField

aZian RiceField . 3 weeks ago

Hello fellow players who are scrolling through the comments!!!

Joseph Lembo

Joseph Lembo . 3 weeks ago

The Alternator in my opinion is one of the best up close guns in the game

Babis Papastamatis

Babis Papastamatis . 3 weeks ago

I think wingman should be higher in the list


KoleeRollie05 . 3 weeks ago

i like using an eva and hemlock on semi-auto

Matthew Lowery

Matthew Lowery . 3 weeks ago

After watching this I got 22 wins today thanks helped a lot.


llamallama22 . 3 weeks ago

Why do you get bot lobbies? I get NRG Dizzy jr in my lobbies

Kole Nowacki

Kole Nowacki . 3 weeks ago

I think my fav/best weapon I play with is the G7-Scout. If you get an extended mag and a 2x4 sniper scope it’s can dominate.

Denday Boy

Denday Boy . 3 weeks ago

No lie the re-45 is one of the best close weapon

Kavi Sterling

Kavi Sterling . 3 weeks ago

The EVA 8 is trash

Dark Ninja

Dark Ninja . 3 weeks ago

Even I think I disagree

Dark Ninja

Dark Ninja . 3 weeks ago

I think I disagree a mozanbike is worst then r301


memegod . 3 weeks ago

Wingman is higher

Gaming Grandpa

Gaming Grandpa . 3 weeks ago

Mozambique is soooo good. 3 shots to not even kill a person Scuffed range And even if you do hit them, you got to reload half the time you use the gun

Insta. Quills.

Insta. Quills. . 4 weeks ago

I run peacekeeper and wingman

Jim Demon

Jim Demon . 4 weeks ago

Blood hound usually I really enjoy using peace keeper and triple take. If I can’t find one of those I like to use flatline, hemlock, or eva.


Epictron . 4 weeks ago


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