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Today we got what the IW community manager describes as "the big update" that we've been waiting for in Modern Warfare so in this video I share a bunch of the important changes as well as my thoughts on this patch. What do you think of this update?

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miguel. . 2 weeks ago

They need to fix the vaulting because I still find that I need a running start for some obstacles

Tipsy Hanger

Tipsy Hanger . 3 weeks ago

I recently got this game for xmas (there was no way I wasting my $) but, I loved the other non-flying cods. This is just unenjoyable for some reason. Every game feels lackluster even if you win


RobKcmo . 1 month ago

Actually the thermal scope through smoke is a huge update for me playing snd


J T . 1 month ago

Can you stop saying "AND" at the end of every single sentence please?

Barnzey Boy

Barnzey Boy . 1 month ago

This game needs lots of change to not be dead next couple of months

Doug Waters

Doug Waters . 1 month ago

Love the videos.. I do miss the tactical advantage of having that savior in the kill feed tho. I used to take a shot or two and see someone saved me. I then know I dont need to worry about that person. Maybe they could bring it back with a saved you pop up on the saved persons screen


Brennerman . 2 months ago

Can they get rid of scope glint when you are playing realism nvg mode?


JSoutdoorlife . 2 months ago

I would be nice if they could tone down the kill streak sound in ground war.

DJ Sanddy

DJ Sanddy . 2 months ago

it feels like its a new developer team making this game

mike street

mike street . 2 months ago

The Split screen audio issure when playing onine REALLY needs to be adressed. It makes playing with friends impossible. God the need to fix this

Stanley Kinzinger

Stanley Kinzinger . 2 months ago

wow the crouch walking is so much better


GenericHigh5 . 2 months ago

Seriously devs or lead dev is a rotten camper. Designed the game around it. Taking gun shots off of the mini map. Removing dead silence as perk so people can't flank him. Still able to hear even when it's activated. It really is frustrating to play. A majority of my matches don't even make it to the score limit because everyone is camping. Run out of time.


GenericHigh5 . 2 months ago

Yeaaaa. People hear me when I'm using dead silence. Running ghost. Will watch kill cams. Running with dead silence to flank. And enemy player turns and waits for me. So they still need to fix footsteps. It just encourages camping and sound whoring.

Some Weeb

Some Weeb . 2 months ago

Can't have hacking claymores remove your HUD if you can't hack a claymore

Golden Toadstool

Golden Toadstool . 2 months ago

Scope glint is ridiculous you can be in a dark room with your scope shining like the sun is right on it


Rinocapz . 2 months ago

Less tanks? No please


flyingmanforfun . 2 months ago

The shooting while jumping have become absolute cancer and its spreading like the plague, dont think its ever been this overused. Worst part is people who buy the elite controller just to remap the A button to one of the pads on the backside so they can jump without letting go of the right stick, tragic😂


halakon666 . 2 months ago

I wonder if the fan is just getting in the way of the audio. Imagine they added it specifically to the room you had been doing your testing on, to compromise your work and still get away with doing nothing.

Seth Laboucane

Seth Laboucane . 2 months ago

So people complained about dying to a 1 shot tank shot???


Viper3220 . 2 months ago

Super quiet footsteps. *Awesome* /sarcasm Definitely glad I waited to buy this game. I knew these patches would tend toward smg city with quiet footsteps. This iteration was touted as being different. Lol. Fuck this whole franchise.

James Matthews

James Matthews . 2 months ago

Too bad COD players only have to movement modes, cracked and camping. So now with the footstep update there will be MORE camping... Dead silence just needs to be a perk instead of a field upgrade.


Abdi . 2 months ago

Wasn't the classic minimap coming back in the 'big update'..?

JeFF Lubinski

JeFF Lubinski . 2 months ago

Well, now I can’t hear footsteps in a average game! Congratulations you ruined the game for me for bitching so much about a good game.

Stone H

Stone H . 2 months ago

did they fix how the game crashes on PC all the time?


IllMexican187 . 2 months ago

Who wishes they would give a major buff to the scar?


IllMexican187 . 2 months ago

How dare u not pin point subject times on a 12+ minute video


RealQuickRQ . 2 months ago

They need to lower teammates footsteps. There should be no reason why we mistaken teammates for enemies especially in hardcore

Blockchain Baller

Blockchain Baller . 2 months ago

I knew I wasn’t the only one thinking damn did they make the footsteps louder again??

Simply Hammer

Simply Hammer . 2 months ago

The scar ADS buff, is probably fine tuned for the attachments, since it damn near kills the gun if you put too many attachments on it. If it's only a little bit, it might convince me to put an optic on.

Chip C

Chip C . 2 months ago

You can still hear people a building away. Even if they’re prone crawling. Headsets with the right audio settings are no match for these footstep changes. They need to make “Awareness” a perk again and remove footsteps unless you’re using that perk.


Elote20 . 2 months ago

4:01 XclusiveTRICKSHOTAce?!

Daniel Cha

Daniel Cha . 2 months ago

Havent played for 3 days. Did they ever change that bug for the customization on sniper scope crosshair? I know before you can change the original crosshair for the snipers...but it seems that you can't change them anymore unless you switch out the original sniper scope on the sniper. And since before you could change them, I had my crosshair changed out for the AX50 and HDR. Since the updates, you could no longer change them, but I still have the crosshairs that i changed it to and i have them permanently. I definitely like em better than the standard crosshair because that little red dot on the HDR bugged me to death lol. Did anyone else notice this change? or in the same boat as I am as to having the custom crosshairs left on your sniper scope and you just havent touched it because you dont want the standard crosshair on your standard scope?

M Bhaus

M Bhaus . 2 months ago

Also the m4 is now a real nerf gun. U can shoot ppl that are using the m4 while they shoot u 😂

M Bhaus

M Bhaus . 2 months ago

With every new patch they bring new or old bugs with it. Now i have the bug where no ping is shown while search a game and when it happens it wouldn't find a lobby. Had this last time in the beta and now since 1.09


QxRune . 2 months ago

Please bring dead silence as a perk one slot!! Still so many campers... lower overall footsteps nice too but just add the perk <3


Horus . 2 months ago

what is this gameplay


shmemsta . 2 months ago

this game just needs more maps, nerf to m4, and regular mini map and it will be perfect


NxYxR . 2 months ago

Tanks are cheeeeeeeeeeeese in cod. The spotter perk is still useless. Still no gunfire on mini map?????????????? WTF! Fixing bugs that should of never been in the game to begin with is not an overhaul. Did they actually believe this qualifies has a overhaul? lololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol!!!!!


NxYxR . 2 months ago

Only nerfing the crouch footsteps will make a slow campy game even more slow and campy. Good job infinity tards.

Zach Thompson

Zach Thompson . 2 months ago

Reading patch notes and still can't find an option under accessibility for always it not on Xbox?

Samir Radoncic

Samir Radoncic . 2 months ago

It makes more sense to have smokes block vision through a thermal optic both realism-wise and gameplay-wise. Even with the cold blooded perk you are still very visible when being looked at by a thermal scope. Having a counter to thermal scopes is much needed since it's used by every sniper ever in the game, so having an all ready overpowered optic be even more broken is stupid. Before this patch the only way to be hidden by thermal scopes was to use smoke or molotovs/thermite. now only molotovs and thermite can be used for this, but those aren't even really viable for the situation.


Drummercommander . 2 months ago

The patch fixed the game for me! I couldn't play anymore, my processor ran at 95% and the game kept crashing, now it's running better than ever

surge 45

surge 45 . 2 months ago

Cod is garbage infinity ward is garbage


FNG GAMING . 2 months ago

725 gets nerfed 3 times and well as footsteps ( and still loud as fug ) and all the while my Harddrive space is screaming every week

Bathory Bear

Bathory Bear . 2 months ago

That Sprint setting will also extend the life of your controller.

Brian Hanson

Brian Hanson . 2 months ago

I would like another wave of weapon balances. I still feel like there is an incredible gap between the M4 and some of the lesser used weapons of this game. The LMGs outside of the PKM feel......... not good or unique. And most all of the burst / semi auto weapons still feel inferior to auto rifles (talking 6v6 as I know snipers are..... a little better in larger map modes).

David Munoz

David Munoz . 2 months ago

Hi I’m a subscriber just saying thanks Ace!! 😊

SBass Jam

SBass Jam . 2 months ago

I like that you can see enemies through smoke with thermal but dislike that you can still see the environment behind it. This means you can't counter it with cold-blooded. I don't think it was like that in previous titles.

Configy CZ

Configy CZ . 2 months ago

Best audio settings for footsteps after update?

levram VS mocpac

levram VS mocpac . 2 months ago

PEOPLE IN 2019 ARE FUCKING STUPID ITS A FUCKING TANK ARE YOU TAKING A TANK ON WITH MORE THAN ONE SHOt people is just fucking garbage and cry babies smh and about to ruin a perfectly good game.

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