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Hello hello! Welcome back (or for the first time) to my channel! Today's video is all about apex legends' healing items and shield items. I go into detail about how long each item takes to use as well as how effective they can be. In this apex legends guide video I cover: syringe, med kit, phoenix kit, body shield, helmet, backpacks, knockdown shields, and ultimate accelerants!

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Comments :


TheDynaMight . 10 months ago

If you learned from this video, thumb this comment up :)


Stavrose85 . 4 weeks ago

If you have the battery charge selected but also u have med kit in ur bag and you get it that u need to use med kit, will it switch automatically to the med kit or u need to select the med kit manually then use it? I know this question is confusing and it's the best way to ask like this :D

live2Win 4

live2Win 4 . 5 months ago


Iron Sniper06

Iron Sniper06 . 5 months ago

What is that green laggy thing??

Twitch Yusky

Twitch Yusky . 7 months ago

Thanks. A lot! I quit fortnite and started playing apex and it was confusing. But watching this helped me out!


brunoWoWps . 8 months ago

Well I got the gold helmet, and it says fast charge. .. now I got it. Charges faster the hability and ultimate... Kk, and the backpack heals and recharge shields faster, both together helps a lot!

Shuyuriee Tenshou

Shuyuriee Tenshou . 8 months ago

someone said to me is there an item that has cooldown reduction on ultimate? they said to me there is... dunno if true been playing like 2 months now i didn't see anything that has an item that has cooldown reduction on ultimate... they said its a rare thing and hard to find


MsundrstdGaming . 9 months ago

I just started the game this week, but I think it would be a good idea to add some overlays to your videos of the item's you're talking about. It takes a bit more time yes, but it's well worth it. Do it now before someone else decides to do it and they get more engagement. If I were good at the game, I would be doing guides myself. haha Alas, I am not.

RF Succon

RF Succon . 9 months ago

Thank you just started playing this helped a lot. Do you know how to access it on Ps4 tho? Like how to access the shields

Tyler Rogers

Tyler Rogers . 9 months ago

Medic can’t have gold armor in her care package


kylehenning707 . 9 months ago

Good video, I appreciate the info!


amiiez . 10 months ago

i suck at this game lol

Charles Couch

Charles Couch . 10 months ago

Bro what button do you press on PS4 controller to self revive with knockdown shield gold one

Luke Snow 3

Luke Snow 3 . 10 months ago

Sometimes I can’t get past half shields even though I have like over 4- someone explain

Callmemirra Back up

Callmemirra Back up . 10 months ago

How do i use the small 25 shields

Logan Duffy

Logan Duffy . 10 months ago

How do u get purple shield? Like how do u get the purple bar over your health


GCP . 10 months ago

Good informative vid!

Cow Penguin

Cow Penguin . 10 months ago

What system are u on?

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