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Apex Legends - Charge Rifle is HERE! Guide and Walkthrough!



Published on 4 months ago

Everyone's favorite gun from Titanfall 1 and 2 returns to Apex Legends, albeit in a different form. The Charge Rifle is sure to sit at the very top of your own personal tier list!

Crypto Guide: https://majapahit.net/watch/UB8K8RKsRPw
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Comments :

Lieutenant Lolz

Lieutenant Lolz . 3 weeks ago

I like the Titanfall 2 one better. The Apex one just feels weird.


TheDunestyler . 3 months ago

that is NOT a sniper rifle! it is a lasgun!


Foshizzle1013 . 3 months ago

wow you predicted the nerf

Flaneto Ted

Flaneto Ted . 3 months ago

After using the charge rifle i became better with the rest 😂


AZZAMNO1 . 3 months ago

This thing is like Opticor in warframe but better. also isn't an Anti-Titan weapon ?? XDDD this thing could destroy Titan in like 3 shoots and we using it against human


YeHeBoIz . 3 months ago

2 reload animation


RETCON . 3 months ago

zzzzzzzzzzz buvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

Elven Ranger

Elven Ranger . 3 months ago

This is one heck of a gun. It's interesting, I like the build up and I love the re-load animation. I'm not sure it's actually a sniper rifle tho. The less efficient round idea is dumb, the math doesn't work.


BloxztR . 3 months ago

Does the rifle still go sideways when sliding

Tiffy Isa

Tiffy Isa . 3 months ago

The hipfire thing... So it's basically like hipfiring the triple take in terms of CQC effectiveness.

Nathan Mattern

Nathan Mattern . 4 months ago

They should add the softball of maybe the sidewinder smr

Milan Aziz

Milan Aziz . 4 months ago

Its overpowerd i hate it


deceptiontony . 4 months ago

It dont miss ... do drop off trying hitting the taget out on the far rocks .... or even the target under the ship in training mode

Sepia Tears

Sepia Tears . 4 months ago

Look at target, pull trigger, done. Needs some rebalancing


Defenestration . 4 months ago

when i first saw a video about it in game I thought it sucks. then I used it in game and well its pretty good

ExhiledGod 2

ExhiledGod 2 . 4 months ago

So basically an Opticor

Kade Bass

Kade Bass . 4 months ago

During the charge it deals 6 + 6 + 6 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 and then 45 damage

Muichiro Tokitou

Muichiro Tokitou . 4 months ago

I love this weapon but I can't use it for shit

jonathan soto

jonathan soto . 4 months ago

Encourage a wingman slower rate of fire

King Mogg

King Mogg . 4 months ago

On god it does

Auke Sierdsma

Auke Sierdsma . 4 months ago

when is respawn going to add a gun that doens't use energy ammo?


SilentMat20 . 4 months ago

This gun needs a nerf


TJM99 . 4 months ago

AT weapons do kinds make sense as Airdrops.

Greatest Ever

Greatest Ever . 4 months ago

It's pretty bad

Christians For Pewdiepie

Christians For Pewdiepie . 4 months ago

I hope we get more Anti-Titan weapons in the future


NeoExigy . 4 months ago

I just want the CAR. Please respawn.

Condensed Milk

Condensed Milk . 4 months ago

Noob friendly considering you don't have to range your shots

el flaco bigg

el flaco bigg . 4 months ago

Charged rifle and p20 hammer pog

First Name Last Name

First Name Last Name . 4 months ago

This guns crazy op lol jk. but I just had a game where I found a gold one and ended up winning that game with 9 kills.

/ l

/ l . 4 months ago

it's basically a good single fire havoc


Retribution77 . 4 months ago

Is the charge up laser doing damage anymore? It’s too spotty for me to pin down if it’s just broken atm or they made it random. I’m on the range and every now and then like 2 shots the charge up laser does damage and then it doesn’t for a few mags


almost7891 . 4 months ago

testing the gun in training mode and it's not doing any damage on the charge up part for me.

blaidddrwg86 000

blaidddrwg86 000 . 4 months ago

How the heck are people firing full blasts 2 times in one second


Elite . 4 months ago

Bruh still no attachments is it really that hard to add some in training

Alexandre Calvario

Alexandre Calvario . 4 months ago

Is this weapon hit scan? No bullet drop?

handsome devil

handsome devil . 4 months ago

For the accuracy down sights the triple take is actually more accurate when aiming down sights


TheDeleted117 . 4 months ago

'Charge Rifle Slaps' is YET ANOTHER WAY TO LOSE A SUBSCRIBER. Fucking faggiest thing I've heard anyone say. It's constant.

the spaghetto production

the spaghetto production . 4 months ago

They can't make an infinite golden weapon ;-;


fps_Buns . 4 months ago

It’s going to shred early game... oooof

Valentijn Andriesse

Valentijn Andriesse . 4 months ago


Gurlmoo Crabs

Gurlmoo Crabs . 4 months ago

This charge rifle is more like the cold war in tf2

Dallas Wilcox

Dallas Wilcox . 4 months ago

If the epg or softball enters the game I'm gonna be excited to kill people with them but I'm gonna be in constant fear

Jasper McClung

Jasper McClung . 4 months ago

Now the only thing I want from this game is the SMR. I know it's horrible, but please I didnt spend 120 hours with the thing in tf2 just to GeT tHe L-sTaR

Mr Bathory

Mr Bathory . 4 months ago

Play ppl before they ruin the gun totaly if they do listen and "fix it" ruin it.

Mr Bathory

Mr Bathory . 4 months ago

I'm happy they made not care package gun. And it's good to have a gun that has less bullet consumption and not running around the map and your teammate picking energy ammo for triple take while u need them for that crazy consuming lmg. I think this gun is good as it is.

Gaurav Kumar

Gaurav Kumar . 4 months ago

Can you hold charge in it ?I remember you saying it cannot hold charge in the beginning

Gaurang Karande

Gaurang Karande . 4 months ago

This gun is gonna get nerfed hard mark my words

paulus doni

paulus doni . 4 months ago

just why training mode isnt improved


Playerz714 . 4 months ago

Oh no not sponsored content


ScooterPumpGangGang . 4 months ago

is season 3 out now cause it still shows season 2 for me on origin

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