1. windows serch
2. services
3. Cryptographic Services
4. Log On tab
5. Check this account "network service" and set password
6. Restart "Cryptographic Services"

Comments :

Gustavo Pardo

Gustavo Pardo . 3 months ago

Cannot open Services :/

Omar Alkarzoun

Omar Alkarzoun . 3 months ago

What do you put for the password?

rupkiri kro

rupkiri kro . 3 months ago

it didnt work


MosinVN . 3 months ago

doesnt work for me pls help


Notbadslayer . 4 months ago

hey i can't open services

Florence Gbadeyan

Florence Gbadeyan . 5 months ago

It said an administrator has blocked me


Dome . 5 months ago

didnt worked.

khalid said

khalid said . 5 months ago

thank you; its work again

Under Fan Dubs

Under Fan Dubs . 5 months ago

안녕 친구 야. 어떻게 지내니 ? 이 오류가 계속 발생하는 Apex에 심각한 문제가 있습니다.이 문제를 도와 줄 수 있습니까? apex 범례 신뢰할 수없는 필렛 c : windows \ winsxs \ amd64_microsoft.windows.gdplus_995b64144ccf1df_1.1.8362.693_none_17aca6a66da44e4e \ gfiplus, dll


風上 . 5 months ago

not work


astrolamonical . 6 months ago

Same error still pops up pls help me bto


Vincent DOMERGUE . 8 months ago

which password did you put ?


두리안크림 . 9 months ago

덕분에 해결했습니다 감사합니다

Pablo Benancio

Pablo Benancio . 10 months ago

in spanish?

Ray Mak

Ray Mak . 1 year ago

Not working at all any other solution ??


김경호 . 1 year ago

저 피시방에서 하는데 똑같이 따라해도 안되는데 어떡하죠?..

John Christopher Viduya

John Christopher Viduya . 1 year ago

Thank you! It worked for me!


HANZILAH . 1 year ago

no need for the whole process i have just deleted the untrusted files and the error was solved

Merciless Isma

Merciless Isma . 1 year ago

thank u !


Bericberic . 1 year ago

my access to the service is blocked by my pc

Michele Faccoli

Michele Faccoli . 1 year ago

Not working at all, as usual.


HEAD PHONEへっどほん。 . 1 year ago

Thank you! I could fixed it!


최지후 . 1 year ago

한국인분들 도움좀 주십쇼...ㅠㅠ 저거 network service 라고 치고 비밀번호는 제가 아무거나 하는겁니까?


PYO&TV . 1 year ago


Sam Mitchell

Sam Mitchell . 1 year ago

This worked for me, Thanks

Antonio Godoy

Antonio Godoy . 2 years ago

thks funcionou para mim aqui no BR pra quem nao tiver conseguindo colocar "network service" é por que o windows vai estar traduzido dai coloca com "serviço de rede" e coloca a senha do seu pc normal

ZzzAAAzzZ 101

ZzzAAAzzZ 101 . 2 years ago

Same error. Dont work for me :/

Jornel Disla

Jornel Disla . 2 years ago

We need the password for this. if you put any password then it will be invalid


Katto . 2 years ago

my cryptho is already network service what should i do?

Katten såklart

Katten såklart . 2 years ago

omg worked, but what does this even do? Is this bad in anyway?

Prathik Sk

Prathik Sk . 2 years ago

didn't work :(


껄껄 . 2 years ago

똑같이 시도해도 안되네요 저는 0xc000142 다음 untrusted system file (c:W windows W system32 W combase.dll) 이렇게 뜨네여 별별 짓거릴 다 해도 안돼요..

Rick Vexx1

Rick Vexx1 . 2 years ago

Thanks chinese, it works for me


전성원 . 2 years ago



피노 . 2 years ago

게임이 들어가지긴하는데 무한로딩인데 게임 되시나요?


성만 . 2 years ago

저도 오류가 뜨는데 전 들어가보니 처음부터 wntwork service 가 켜저있던데 딴방법은 없나요?

Ntr Gopro 974

Ntr Gopro 974 . 2 years ago

i can't access to "service" what should i do ?

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