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Published on 5 months ago

I had to buckle up and trust my guy to find out the truth! Apex Legends has cheaters that continue to go unpunished, so I took it upon myself to act on a gut feeling that this player was up to no good. Not only did I discover the truth, I realized some sneaky tactics cheaters are using to avoid getting caught. The ending ended up being more insane than I could have imagined, as it all became clear. Think he wasn't cheating? Have your own story to add? Comment below! If you found this valuable, leave a like to support the video! Subscribe & Hit the bell to get my uploads! https://bit.ly/2ejoOyw | Twitter: https://twitter.com/rayndaygaming | Instagram ► https://instagram.com/evanraynr

Apex Legends is a pretty difficult game to grasp at first, with all of the moving pieces of a battle Royale, yet also adding the element of classes. Apex Legends has always had issues with cheaters, but usually they are very blatant. This time around, there wasn't a lot of evidence against this player. I just had a gut feeling that something about him was off. I ended up spectating him for 20 minutes to find out if I was right! The end was pretty surprising! Enjoy!

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Apex Legends is a Free to Play Battle Royale available on PC, Xbox and PS4! Check out this exclusive new gameplay reveal and in depth dive into the creation of the game with the dev team at respawn studios! This game is made within the titan fall universe, and features distinct "classes" like realm royale that you use to take on swarms of other players in a free for all, battle royale fight for the title of last man/team standing!

Thanks for being a part of the channel ladies and gentleman, friends and families! It means a lot, and that's why I'm committed to bringing you fun and entertaining content you can enjoy anyplace, anytime. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments, or just share what is on your mind. Keep growing, keep moving forward, and may the blessings of life be with you! Never Give Up, Never Stop Gaming!

Comments :

Ya Boi Crisis

Ya Boi Crisis . 55 minutes ago

dude has some great gaming socks

E Br H

E Br H . 2 hours ago

10:22 stonks

Boneknock Grit

Boneknock Grit . 1 day ago

even this day there are time to time when i run into some kind of superman who can regenerate hp and armor nonstop. yeah without using item at all. let's think about some one who get shot by you till their armor break and hp gone red but then, right in front of you his armor and hp come back to maximum again. i ran into this guy few days ago, reported him. and never see him again..........lucky me.

Yaser Akuma23

Yaser Akuma23 . 2 days ago

Its true.. Because if they play randomly with others they don't cheat when u have a team that won a lot in season 1,2,3 ..with a kill over 1000 and they can't even hit an enemy in front of them.. How ... If they play with there friends they cheat no one is telling 100%

Bruce Dubos

Bruce Dubos . 2 days ago

Looks like he was just a good player and you got owned....

Huntman 06

Huntman 06 . 5 days ago

Bruh he hit all his smokes 🤦‍♂️


KcAznFighter . 5 days ago

I guess I run into hackers 85% of the time cuz that's how fast I get lazered behind cover

Firstname Lastname

Firstname Lastname . 6 days ago

Great game if you enjoy fighting cheaters. If you don't, just buy cheat protection from the cash shop, only $5 for 10 minutes!

Peter Temoche

Peter Temoche . 6 days ago

Bro no wonder I felt off when mfs take me down in 3 shots

Ez Sloan

Ez Sloan . 7 days ago

You could have just tweeted a clip with a cheeky comment rather than making a 16 fucking minute video lmfao

Daniel Latempa

Daniel Latempa . 1 week ago

Being bad at Apex because you move with your team? Lol

Dylan S

Dylan S . 1 week ago

damn, this game is already challenging asf and cheaters don't make it any easier

Oleg Dyachenko

Oleg Dyachenko . 1 week ago

What is the purpose of this video!?

magic g

magic g . 1 week ago

Bro fog has nothing to do with it , as the rounds builds up by the time it hits last round The fog damages you more n more

B Lijerent

B Lijerent . 1 week ago

You corny for real, why you so butt hurt ? lol. Bet you was a snitch in school

wayne townsend

wayne townsend . 1 week ago

Know that guy was a cheating ass punk using Aimbot

Runzhu He

Runzhu He . 1 week ago

The other day we met a guy with a triple energy sniper and end me and my friends with only 1 shot, didn’t even sure it was headshot, we just felt that was soooo weird. Is that possible?

Harold Swinger

Harold Swinger . 1 week ago

Haaaaaaa I got you Sucker


Spy . 2 weeks ago

Holy shit in season 1 I found a banner of him on a sign because he was kill leader

Kyle Wetherell

Kyle Wetherell . 2 weeks ago

I love these!!!!! You should make a new channel "Detective Raynday"

Umar Ghafar

Umar Ghafar . 2 weeks ago

Cascades I miss you 0:03

Ashley Ahmed

Ashley Ahmed . 2 weeks ago

You just mad cus he killed you 😂

Havoc Racing

Havoc Racing . 2 weeks ago

Lmao the fog realm royale looks weird


Thorn . 2 weeks ago

It's a bit weird how he lazes you through the smoke, then the rest of the game he looks down at the floor like a CS:GO newbie pleb... Anyone else agree? :eyes:


desynchronized . 2 weeks ago

He played it smart waiting for you to leave trying to die so you would think he is a noob and stop spectating but in the end he should've just close the game so you wont be able to detect him later on cheating..

Minutemaid t a l i s o a

Minutemaid t a l i s o a . 2 weeks ago

Hahaha that's funny I saw this guy on season 3 he was on someone else's stream and and he was the champion during the game

MR MLG 777

MR MLG 777 . 2 weeks ago

Always trust your guts. #MRMLG777 GAMING Great Video, I hope you play ps4 at sometime, because it's the same Cheaters there,Thank you so much.


UnityFusion . 2 weeks ago

"He executed someone by themselves who pose no threat, as if he has an ego,that's fishy." *me who executes every chance I get* OH GOD AM I A MONSTER"

Jack Raiden

Jack Raiden . 2 weeks ago

Its advertised in their name..obviously nothing will come of this xD


NAMELESS-18 . 2 weeks ago

I have spectated against this player/cheater before as he was in my squad and jumping from the jump ship at the start of the game he decided to land in the swamp. Eventually i died and i spectated him im the swamp to my surprise he was in a building with another FULL squad and they were all playing together as a four man squad and they did not miss a shot. They also kept dieing on purpose in the storm and would revive each other and im like how can an enemy player revive you??? and the worst part was I tried to record the gameplay and also screen shot the names but it wouldnt allow me to do so so i was like WTF! Played against another player with full health and gold shield and was killed with one shotgun shot through a closed door. Pissed me right off

Jonathan Silva

Jonathan Silva . 2 weeks ago

I believe hackers are assholes but here dont think it was a cheater here ive had games like this, where i guess where they goin to end up, follow and down them, pretty often. Half guess half skill.

Rik Banz

Rik Banz . 2 weeks ago

And her smokes targets enemies

Rik Banz

Rik Banz . 2 weeks ago

I really don’t think it is. He uses bangs ability to his advantage.


C K . 2 weeks ago

Go 4 ban every mf cheater! Hardwareban is the thing to solve the problem..

Carlos Guerrero

Carlos Guerrero . 2 weeks ago

Is there a cheat for some to stay hanging on the zip line of a cargo ship? I was playing earlier today and some how a octane was able to onto the zip barely enough out of sight to the point I could only see his head... he was some how able to take my whole squad out just by hangout on the zip line. I play on ps4


PR EDITION . 2 weeks ago

What console u play


pmm4177 . 3 weeks ago

Most likely the reason they died to the ring was point harvesting by him and his team. I was in a squad with point harvesters once


pmm4177 . 3 weeks ago

Welcome to PC gaming


sukmejuicebox . 3 weeks ago

Sorry ass losers lmao, y’all want to call out my mans just because he can hit his shots.. 😂

Marty Stiefelmeyer

Marty Stiefelmeyer . 3 weeks ago

Theres purple skullpiercer? Or am I dumb I've only seen gold

Thomas Smith-Migneault

Thomas Smith-Migneault . 4 weeks ago

Cheating was fun til i lost everything. An its so obvious no glory.

Danielle Lodewijks

Danielle Lodewijks . 4 weeks ago

at 5:12 sec's you can see the first aimbot snap even though he doesnt shoot. (YEARS OF CS) , also smoke was DEAD giveaway

Jessus Chavez

Jessus Chavez . 4 weeks ago

People are going to cheat always you can’t stop them

David Jimenez

David Jimenez . 4 weeks ago

When the cheater shot the smoke it would always hit the person idk if y'all noticed that

# YouLowKeyMadHuh

# YouLowKeyMadHuh . 4 weeks ago

How fast you reported I couldn't help but laugh man

Mr. Seven

Mr. Seven . 1 month ago

Hey bro the same way he died from 2 to 3 shots is the same way i die but i died in 1 to 2 shot.

Zmaniac Gamerz

Zmaniac Gamerz . 1 month ago

This makes so much sense, that super cheap feeling when you get killed super fast. Always assumed they were just way better than me, but this has opened my eyes to what the keen differences between the two


Branden HICKMAN . 1 month ago

I'm glad we have ppl like u if u have to cheat on a game to win plz dont play it u must not be very good at it in the first place if u have to cheat there's ppl out here who love to play these games and I can't stand hackers cheaters nothing like that I hope he got band from the game and I hope u keep on catching them my friend great job !!!!!!!!!!!!👍👍

Parental Control App Reviewer

Parental Control App Reviewer . 1 month ago

Wanna figure out whether or not your lover is cheating? A spy tool like iKeyMonitor might be a helpful way to discover the truth. ikeymonitorcom

Iann Villanueva

Iann Villanueva . 1 month ago

Even though I only viewing this 4 months after the vid but thanks for making the community better.

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