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AC Milan's Li Yonghong & Silvio Berlusconi

Tifo Football

Tifo Football

Published on 3 years ago


Meet AC Milan's owners; Li Yonghong & Silvio Berlusconi
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We take a look at the ownership of AC Milan. Once owned by the infamous Italian, ex-politician Silvio Berlusconi, the club changed hands in 2017 to Chinese businessman Li Yonghong. Since then, various news outlets have alleged that Yonghong's wealth isn't what he has claimed.

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Comments :

Vickram Suchonsamran

Vickram Suchonsamran . 10 months ago

This is what you get doing business with Chinease.

smith05 TR

smith05 TR . 1 year ago

So in short, that Chinese owner is a FRAUD.

Ayoub Kamhi

Ayoub Kamhi . 2 years ago

UPDATE : Li couldn't afford back the money that he owed to Eliott. The firm took control of the club while on the field they're in the fourth place 1 point ahead of As roma. They signed Pyatek as well who came from Genoa (13 goals).

Krishanu Konar

Krishanu Konar . 2 years ago

Silvio "BUNGA BUNGA" Berlusconi 😆 😆

Nicholas Watts

Nicholas Watts . 2 years ago

ROFL wayland corp

Tom Callahan

Tom Callahan . 2 years ago

You should do a follow up video on this given the recent developments!

Jeo Saffad

Jeo Saffad . 2 years ago

I'm still waiting for "Meet The Owners : Paris Saint Germain"

Johnpaul Morrison

Johnpaul Morrison . 2 years ago

Since this video. AC Milan have been banned from european football for not complying with FFP, but city and PSG are okay. Wonder what kick backs they are given. Everyone knows they dont have the fans to back up the spending, guess oil money buys you more than just average players at large costs


schweizerbuddy . 2 years ago

Go Bunga bunga or go home


John . 2 years ago

Who's responsible for the music? Lovely track...

Hector Garmao

Hector Garmao . 2 years ago

James,. Could you explain the mess Birmingham got themselves into with HK hairdresser Carson Yeung?

andre borges

andre borges . 2 years ago

"bunga bunga" loooooooooooool

andre borges

andre borges . 2 years ago

oh i love the idea of making these type of videos about the owners side of a club.

Kieran Thomas

Kieran Thomas . 3 years ago

Cardiff City Owners please (Vincent tan and co)

Mk Ram

Mk Ram . 3 years ago

AC Milan was my favorite club at heart but everything changed after the Chinese took over. They will ruin the game, club, city and country just like they ruined everything else. Yellow cunts...


MrGoalissimo . 3 years ago

I wonder if the elliot group would allow li to sell players off during the summer it is effectively like stripping a business of its assets. I half suspect suso and donnarumma are going to be sold maybe bonnaventura as well probably a couple of the new signings who failed as well. It makes it interesting that the loan is to be repaid in full in October i have no doubt that li will default on it it is more of a question if he lasts that long. I remember reading reports that he was in talks with elliot group to broker a sale which for me would dictate some sought of statement in the coming month. I am sure milan will get a new owner elliot group will make sure of the that lets just hope for a owner who cares and has deep pockets. Unless li somehow manages to find this vast sum of money and is capable of getting the money out of china after the implementations of the new rules.

m t . s e f u r i

m t . s e f u r i . 3 years ago

uh oh milan.


InHocBronco1966 . 3 years ago

Make one about Roma and James Pallotta


PRODJTKILLER . 3 years ago

Who the he'll owns Bayern Munich? I'm a Bayern fan and it seems that there isn't ONE single owner. Seem like a job for Tifo Football 😎

Isak Pettersson

Isak Pettersson . 3 years ago

Milan also signed Kessie, Biglia, Conti, Ricardo Rodriguez, Mateo Musacchio and Antonio Donnarumma


Anuntoldlegend . 3 years ago

These are one of the videos I like before even watching because I know it's going to be dope

Priince Brvce_LUHG_

Priince Brvce_LUHG_ . 3 years ago

Do a video on Manchester United‘s great comeback against Manchester City


KING . 3 years ago

please please do Real Madrid , i never understood how their system works or who owns the team or where the money comes from or who controls it , pleaaase sir

Frank O'Hara

Frank O'Hara . 3 years ago

Can you do a video on Athletico Madrid?


Hiroku . 3 years ago

Loved the extra dose of humor in this one. Great video as always guys!

Walk with James

Walk with James . 3 years ago

The best factual football channel on youtube ! Love your vids!


Thomas . 3 years ago

Berlusconi, the Trump before Trump


Enzo . 3 years ago

Alien and Robocop references... thank you Tifo

swarnendu ghosh

swarnendu ghosh . 3 years ago

Li is shit!!!

Reza Trikurnia

Reza Trikurnia . 3 years ago

thanks about history....you're the best.... how about their neighbors...

Anaheim Resident

Anaheim Resident . 3 years ago

I wonder if Kobe Bryant is still an AC Milan fan lol!

Peter R

Peter R . 3 years ago

just wonderful. If you had your own sports magazine\newspaper i would buy it


Ian . 3 years ago

Great video & series! Can you do one on Leicester City's owners?

Emiliano Ruiz Cruz

Emiliano Ruiz Cruz . 3 years ago

when you will do the tactics explain of the selections?

Jeshurun Naicker

Jeshurun Naicker . 3 years ago

Forza Milan🔴⚫

Michail Kapsalidis

Michail Kapsalidis . 3 years ago

Can you do a research on a club from greece that was relegated 4 years and now they are going to win ghe league? I dont remember their name


MrMidnight972 . 3 years ago

Even if we have to wait 10 more years to get back on top I'll keep supporting my team. owners come and go but Milan is eternal! Thanks for the vid.

Tom Hay

Tom Hay . 3 years ago

Can you do the same for Zenit St Petersburg, PSG and Guangzhou in China

snuff meister

snuff meister . 3 years ago

inter next? it all went downhill post-moratti and fachetti(r.i.p.)

ajamo campbell

ajamo campbell . 3 years ago

Great video Milan is my favorite club I hope that they can get back to their dominating ways

Samreen Nabeel

Samreen Nabeel . 3 years ago

Nice work

Shark Team

Shark Team . 3 years ago

"B$" Did you just stylistically acronymise "bullshit"? 😆

Michael Osborn

Michael Osborn . 3 years ago

I Love Milan and Thankyou for the info Tifo (Rhymes)

Fabio De Campi

Fabio De Campi . 3 years ago

can you do a meet the owners of psg owner


B RAW MEDIA . 3 years ago

So bad .hope it gets sorted. How can that guy lie about funds is beyond me


chinny18 . 3 years ago

I wouldn't be surprised if Gattuso would manage outside AC one day after showcasing his capabilities as a manager at some point should issues with AC's new owners continues to creep in next season and the next few seasons after.


Hasan . 3 years ago

I love the owners videos!😆

Suleiman Mustafa

Suleiman Mustafa . 3 years ago

Its quite sad what has happened to both Milan Clubs


ControVersey . 3 years ago

Absolutely love these football financial videos very interesting topic.

Big Whoop

Big Whoop . 3 years ago

Best case scenario:Li doesn't repay his debts and Milan is overtaken by Elliot, who then will sell the club to the highest bidder. I know that Elliot is regarded as a bit of a vulture, but it would be stupid to sell the players: Elliot wants to cash in as much as possible, selling the players will only devalue the squad and the club, if Berlusconi managed to sell a struggling mid table AC Milan for more than 700 milion euros then Elliot could surely mach that sum of money.

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