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Sensible Transfers: AC Milan

Tifo Football

Tifo Football

Published on 2 months ago


Sensible Transfers: AC Milan | Get 40% off a subscription to The Athletic: https://www.theathletic.com/tifofootballtransfers
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Perennial underachievers and stymied by the uncertainty of the past few years, it’s a long way back for AC Milan. But they’ve been paying attention to other, more efficient recruiting models around Europe and seem committed to a transfer strategy which makes much more sense.

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Comments :

Okuhle Masemola

Okuhle Masemola . 2 weeks ago

Who is here after AC Milan bought tonali

ķìñğĺàw the tik toker Mtshedu

ķìñğĺàw the tik toker Mtshedu . 3 weeks ago

Plizzz do ajax

Biggie Samuelz

Biggie Samuelz . 4 weeks ago

Tonali now at Milan, perfect


Rime . 1 month ago

Milan wants to rise their price club so they can sell it to higher bidder in the future.

João Atílio

João Atílio . 1 month ago

I didn't believe Milan would manage to signing Tonali.

nakir khan

nakir khan . 2 months ago

Anddd Boom Tonali to Milan is done ✅😁

Emanuele Pirro

Emanuele Pirro . 2 months ago

It seems they heard you on Tonali 🙂

John Treherne

John Treherne . 2 months ago

riola represents kean, boadu, malen and thuram all of these players would make interesting options for milan, they could probably do with a player like embolo or brekalo capable of filling in different positions and getting goals. i think milan has settled for diaz for a season for the attacking alternative, tonali seems inbound although he hasn't signed yet. i would like to see milan go for someone like sforza or hlozek if they actually interested in building for the long term these youngster are so of the best teenage footballers in the world.

Hugo Reinhard

Hugo Reinhard . 2 months ago

Renato Sanches has a low mentality for high level

Max Payne

Max Payne . 2 months ago

Guess I know what my next team for Pes manager mode is

Gooby Pls

Gooby Pls . 2 months ago

Milan should buy luka jovic

Gianluca Pagnoni

Gianluca Pagnoni . 2 months ago

Tonali and Bakayoko will add stenght and depth to a solid midfield, we need a lethal right wing now and let's hope that post covid good form was not luck but the beginning of a new Milan

x Ray

x Ray . 2 months ago

it's way to PL-follower/club based..... a pity


Ac1899Milano . 2 months ago

Maldini surely watches Tifo football.


cavazzello . 2 months ago

A.C. Milan has almost completed the transfert of Sandro Tonali. Good job, The Athletic !

Faisal Muhamad

Faisal Muhamad . 2 months ago

Milan surely watched this video before signing Sandro Tonali

Rithik Choubey

Rithik Choubey . 2 months ago

Tonali just signed 👍

Mongo Bongo

Mongo Bongo . 2 months ago

They should buy Emil Forsberg, he won't cost more than 20 million.

Zach Simpson

Zach Simpson . 2 months ago

why is that reporter the same reporter from the ted lasso show


Frenzy . 2 months ago

1) Prolong the contracts of Ibrahimovic and Donnarumma 2) Re-loan Begovic 3) Buy or loan Bakayoko 4) Make enough use of Leao and Paquetá et voilà. Optionally: 5) Replace either Masacchio or Duarte (with Milenkovic?) 6) Fill up the offense with an allrounder (Brahim Diaz?) 7) Replace Laxalt and/or Conti

George Alapatt

George Alapatt . 2 months ago

What about marcus thuram

adhithya chandrasekaran

adhithya chandrasekaran . 2 months ago

Consider thauvin and Draxler for attack if u sell paqueta and Hakan Çalhanoğlu


Rizgn . 2 months ago

Guendouzi is such a good fit


абвгдђежзијклљмнњопрстћуфхцчџш . 2 months ago

I'm disgusted by this Chinese Milan transfer policy and what they made of the club. Milan has lost all of it's reputation by bringing in mediocre players in bunches from all over the place. Once Ancelotti left Milan collapsed.


A SG . 2 months ago

You'll buy Bakayoko and you'll like it

Mahadevan Sankaranarayanan

Mahadevan Sankaranarayanan . 2 months ago

What about Rafael Leao??

Dhananjay Patil

Dhananjay Patil . 2 months ago

Its funny that embolo is still 21

Marco Peña

Marco Peña . 2 months ago

So, Milan is aiming to become a medium-sized developer-selling team? How is that good?

Milgan Narvaez

Milgan Narvaez . 2 months ago

You're good ❗ I'm a follower since now. Just hope subtitles in my language soon (Spanish) 🙏🏻


zanyilnen . 2 months ago

I think we need a right wing (someone better than Castillejo) more than a striker


littlecatholicman . 2 months ago

Breel Embolo is 23 lmao

Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson . 2 months ago

Is it just me or does the image of James Horncastle look more like Trigger from Only Fools and Horses with long hair?

shivachetan ulavi

shivachetan ulavi . 2 months ago

AC Milan must sign Michy Batshuayi, he'd come good playing with Zlatan or good support around him and a predator inside the box.

Logan Bopp

Logan Bopp . 2 months ago

they need a cam and rm imo, see how it goes from there

Lil Sus

Lil Sus . 2 months ago

Tonali is too expensive for Milan in 2020 with price comes expectations that he cant handle like ManUnited players They need to avoid that transfer

Matteo Celeste

Matteo Celeste . 2 months ago

Tonali Is tooooooo expensive inter is going to offer around 50 ml

Th3 W4yneTr4in

Th3 W4yneTr4in . 2 months ago

the only real issue Emoblo rly has (and I say that as a Gladbach fan) is the fact that he has the worst First-touch I have ever seen on a starting eleven striker, its sometimes rly horrific :D

Jake 2.0

Jake 2.0 . 2 months ago

I'm starting to think this channel wants me to subscribe to The Athletic.

Karim Khalid

Karim Khalid . 2 months ago

Please make a video on Liverpool sensible transfers

Gary Cabezas

Gary Cabezas . 2 months ago

Why not MLS raid, Cristian Pavon or Josef Martinez? Pavon I’m sure will light up any league in the next 1-2 seasons.

Andrej Pongrac

Andrej Pongrac . 2 months ago

Nice to see a video about Milan, but you’ve got it all wrong - Milan need a RB, RW, backup LB 🧐


Lew93 . 2 months ago

Morelos + Oriol Romeu

astalavi Marley

astalavi Marley . 2 months ago

Please do it for man city plssss

Veleno XD

Veleno XD . 2 months ago

I would love Milan to sign Sandro Tonali and Andrea Belotti! Think both would do amazing for the club.

Jakob Smith

Jakob Smith . 2 months ago

It sucks for Milan that Tonali appears to be going to their rivals Inter

Less Crement

Less Crement . 2 months ago

Dude when it comes to Serie A teams these videos are always mostly off the mark. - Milan are aiming at making the top 4 next season, so they are also gonna need experienced players beside young talents. With Kessie and Bennacer being very young, they will surely get a more experienced midfielder. - Ibra and Rebic scored a total of 21 goals IN THE SCOND HALF OF THE SEASON ALONE since Ibra joined them in January and Rebic was basically not playing before Ibra joined.

Andrew Southwell

Andrew Southwell . 2 months ago

What about Manchester City


Puntopower . 2 months ago

Why do all these players apparently have beards😭

BatDeGea 1

BatDeGea 1 . 2 months ago

If you haven’t already do Real Madrid I know they did well this year but they have an ageing midfield, need strikers and a right back to replace the injury prone carvjal and also a long term replacement to Ramos

LUFC Leeds

LUFC Leeds . 2 months ago

we need a Leeds United sensible transfers

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