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Where Ultras Were First Forged: AC Milan's Curva Sud

COPA90 Stories

COPA90 Stories

Published on 2 years ago


COPA90 presenter Martino visits Milan to explore the magnificent culture of AC Milan's ultras. The Italian Ultras scene is known as the foundation of a global ultras subculture. In 1968, it all began in Milan's Curva Sud with the Fossa Dei Leoni. Today, the tradition of this space means that the Derby della Madonnina is almost more famous for what happens in the stands than on the pitch. This film is an exploration of how the tifos and choreographies of AC Milan's incredible fan culture are deeply rooted in the traditions and customs of the city.

A big thanks to Puma for making this possible.

Special thanks to:
Massimo Pulvirenti

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Comments :


Bosanac . 3 days ago

Forza Milan, Juve Inter merda 🔴🌑


AYMEN . 2 weeks ago

chi siamo noi ultras !!!!

alby milan

alby milan . 4 weeks ago

Milano rossonera

Toni M

Toni M . 1 month ago

Fossa Dei Leoni has been died, killed by Juve Ultras... and now Juve ultras has been died, killed by Juve management

Luca Bog.

Luca Bog. . 2 months ago

Sono nato rossonero Da bandito morirò Ac Milan mio ti amo♥️🖤

Marco Valentini

Marco Valentini . 2 months ago

This is not good this does not mention the Ras Della Fossa. Viulenzzzzzaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Viuuuuullllllleeeeenzzzaaaaaaa!!!!!! Forza Milan!!!! Milano Siamo Noi!!!! Solo Noi!!!!!!

Yassin Mamlouk

Yassin Mamlouk . 2 months ago

Fooorzaaa Milan 🖤❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤❤


Sebaaa . 3 months ago

Curva sud ❤️

Max Tosi

Max Tosi . 3 months ago

And you are wearing that scarf! How dare you? Vergognati!

BanditiACMilan 1899

BanditiACMilan 1899 . 6 months ago


Roger da Silva

Roger da Silva . 7 months ago

Fossa dei Leoni - Brigate Rossonere - Commandos Tigre vera Curva Sud Milano

Abdou Chinwi

Abdou Chinwi . 7 months ago

C'è una squadra, Phil Algeria, che è simile a te e dice che sono un gruppo che combatte contro gli Ultras, e tu rubi loro le idee che sono l'Unione dell'Algeria. Ahah, sono molto divertenti.

Franarul Din Gruia

Franarul Din Gruia . 7 months ago

First to create the Ultras culture are the croats, Hajduk Split,1953


hernan . 7 months ago

Curva mac


BRM_Official . 8 months ago

The stories made me follow. The history made me love it! #ForzaMilan


ToldoMexes . 8 months ago

fck AC Milan #mafiaclub. great game yesterday.

GiakGiak25 test

GiakGiak25 test . 9 months ago

Il derby della madonnina=best derby in the world 🖤💙😍

M Ispanico

M Ispanico . 9 months ago

On Sunday, I will be in San Siro.. like every sunday, forza Milan! Fuck juventus and Inter 4ever


Scarecrow . 9 months ago

Milan Merda


Dangles . 9 months ago

Bravo! This video was great and did a good job capturing what it’s like to be a Milanista and to go cheer on Milan at San Siro. This is one of the best of all football experiences in the world. One of the most decorated clubs ever and the origin of modern ultras culture. Proper video.


THE LOUSY GAMER . 9 months ago

Once the most feared team in the world. FORZA MILAN!!!!!

Rod M

Rod M . 10 months ago


Löwengrube FdL

Löwengrube FdL . 11 months ago

Grande FdL

White Citizen

White Citizen . 11 months ago

Italian people are no whites They are Brown


bigceazer21 . 11 months ago

i ❤️ the san siro. a san siro stadium without choreography just isn't the same.

James Gamlin

James Gamlin . 1 year ago

Anyone know the song at the start?

Mark Lucas

Mark Lucas . 1 year ago



YELLOW MADNESS . 1 year ago

Respect Curva Sud from Greece ARIS SALONICA 1914 FANATICS SUPER-3.

Diego Leonardo

Diego Leonardo . 1 year ago


Semir Osman jama

Semir Osman jama . 1 year ago

Forza Milan 🛑🌑 we never give up

Bill Larissa

Bill Larissa . 1 year ago


Dino Šikić

Dino Šikić . 1 year ago

FORZA MILAN!! Brigatte Rossonere 🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦

Manuel Zarate

Manuel Zarate . 1 year ago

You should make a video about the other part of the city, CURVA NORD MILANO🔵⚫️ the ULTRAS group of INTER.

Daniel Richards

Daniel Richards . 1 year ago

COPA90 Always knocking it out of the park. Tremendous content.

Ricardo Andrés Jaimes

Ricardo Andrés Jaimes . 1 year ago

Lets go to the Champions league! ♥️♠️♥️♠️


TheSuperkolor . 1 year ago

Went to san siro in 2018, we won against lazio. Goals by jack and cutro. The roar of san siro, lives in me forever.


HeyToucan . 1 year ago

Salut pada Curva Sud Milan

Samuele Reitano

Samuele Reitano . 1 year ago



Shehryar . 1 year ago

What is the song the fans are singing in minute 10:00

Carlo Clemente

Carlo Clemente . 1 year ago

Anyone knows the song?

Ricky Footitt

Ricky Footitt . 1 year ago

Always wondered why we have no Ultras in England?

Edson De La Cruz Grados

Edson De La Cruz Grados . 1 year ago

En el peruvian the people is Milán 🇦🇹😎

michael andrews

michael andrews . 2 years ago

too bad the old FOSSA is gone...


Néwbie . 2 years ago

What’s the name of the chant at 10:02

Fariz Kurnia

Fariz Kurnia . 2 years ago

Forza Milan! From the Jakmania, Persija fans club🇮🇩


GiannisTZ . 2 years ago

forza Milan!!From Thessaloniki,Greece

Ultras Napoli

Ultras Napoli . 2 years ago

Milanista.. Piú Youtuber che teppista

leonardo rossio

leonardo rossio . 2 years ago

Forza milan🔴⚫💪


LAWBRINGER 1 . 2 years ago

Pls make a video about Doxa Dramas

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